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5 Ultimate Tips For Your Landing Page Conversion Rate in 2018 | Xugar

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Sagar Sethi

Landing page conversion rate is subjective

According to WordStream, the average conversion rate for websites falls around 2.35%. Have a look at the below chart and we can start going further:


Unbounce (2017) also revealed the median conversion rate for landing pages is between 3-5.5%.


However, conversion rates vary due to the type of industry that either you or your clients are in, the offers you deliver and your audience’s particular behavior.

The point is why settling with average while amazing results are attainable. And that’s all this article about!

Take a look at these landing page improvement tips to boost your landing page conversion rates!

1) Being Crystal Clear About Your Offering Value(s)

When the audience comes across your call-to-action (CTA), they should immediately see the value they will gain by clicking it.

Here are things you should do:

  • Focus on the benefits they will receive such as relieving their pain points.
  • Be specified about your button’s text, do not just use ‘Submit’ or ‘Buy It’.

2) Reduce Risk Perceived by The Audience

It doesn’t matter what you offer, people are risk-averse. They prefer to choose a safer option than to take a risk even though it produces a higher value. Make sure you include at least one of these factors:

  • Assure their information they provide is safe
  • Other people have also participated (provide specific numbers if applicable)
  • A guarantee behind their conversion
  • Include testimonials, badges, etc.


Leverage the sense of scarcity and urgency to increase the demand from your audience. This will give them the fear-of-missing-out (FOMO).

  • Combine the scarcity and the value of your offerings
  • Add in the evidence of the scarcity to increase your offer’s credibility
  • Specify either deadline or quantity of the program and do not change them. Otherwise, it will break down trust between you and the people converting

4) Be simple and focus

Here, you can use all your designing skills to minimalise distractions such as colors, structures, etc. In order to do so, you need to:

  • Identify your most wanted action from your visitors
  • Identify which actions are most likely will be taken by your visitors
  • Simplify your page’s content while highlighting your CTAs

5) Reduce Friction

Simplify your forms and try to be more organised will help you get more qualified leads. What information you ask from your audience should be realistic as well.

  • Decide what you want to ask from your customers, are they “fair” for them? We recommend to go a field or two less than the value you are offering. This will reduce their alert and make the process faster.
  • Formulating the structure (fields, types, etc.)

We hope this work out for your next campaign!


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