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Xugar – Website Design & Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne

We work for a diverse range of clients covering many sectors, from local start-ups to global brands – providing a multi-disciplinary range of design and digital expertise.

Digital Marketing Company Melbourne

We are a website design firm in Melbourne with expertise in technology, storytelling and digital marketing.

We learn and create products & services by doing not talking. This approach enables us to really get to the heart of your customers, service and brand. Using design thinking, we connect and engage your users, enrich your brand experience and ultimately, create value.

We believe that our work is the best way to get to know us. But each project is different. And so are we. As different as our creative process is, everything we do is about user’s experience, more fun and more Xweet.

Design means business. Good design really gets to the hearts of users while taking into account the business feasibility and technical viability of the new solution. Xugar designs for the xweet spot which engages your users, stakeholders, technology and brand. While we focus on design holistically, our brand partners Luxon Digital, focus on creating Omni-channel solutions for unified delivery across all digital touch points for your eco system. Together, we ensure your users are at the top of every thought process of every project we engage in.

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Service Design
User Experience
Website Design
Digital Marketing

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Small business
Enterprise & Brands
Not for Profit organisations

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