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When we started with 24 Hours Melbourne Plumbers, we were handed a poorly optimised Ads campaign with little to no optimisation. After implementing some changes and monitoring the results, it became obvious this campaign was unsustainable. While they were generating income through having a good conversion rate, a cost per lead of $255.89 meant the campaign wasn’t worth the money being put in. Over the course of the month, they’d spent $7,421 for 29 calls, and something needed to change.

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We set out with two goals: To reduce the cost per lead and increase the number of leads generated. To achieve these goals we broke their campaign up into parts based on suburb and service, making their ads more specific to their customers and their needs. Targeting long-tail keywords with our ads allowed us greater flexibility with how we tested the ads while keeping costs down. Over the first two weeks, we more than doubled impression share, increasing the visibility their ads were getting from 25.56% to 53.28%. Combined with lower competition keywords, their calls increased 113%, while the cost per lead plummeted to just under $140 a call.

In the next two weeks, we further optimised the campaign for conversions, then scaled the scope to encompass a wider region as well as more specific services. Though Google’s in-built analytics, we were able to track which ads were converting and which ones weren’t, and apply that knowledge across our entire campaign. This saw our ad spend jump and with it the number of calls we were getting. Between the 1st of October and the 15th, an ad spend of $17,326.50 saw us generate 149 calls at a cost per call of $116.52; a decrease of 54.46% from our original starting point of $255.89 per call on the 1st of September.

Within 45 days of starting, we saw calls increase by 413%. If you want to learn more about how you can achieve these kind of results for your business – call us today 1300 565 610!