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Since March this year entrepreneurs and marketers around the globe have been looking for ways to take advantage of the changing buying trends caused by COVID. For MegaSavers, our existing SEO campaign took a huge boost when the keywords we were targeting shot up in search volume. While we’d seen some success on long-tail keywords in the months before, the jump in online shopping trends around early March saw orders climb by 624, an increase of 383% over the previous month. Of course, it wasn’t to last, and those numbers dropped sharply over the next couple of months back down to an average of 357 orders from April-June. But we’d tasted blood and wanted more. It was time to take things a step further.

Hybrid Digital Agency

The obvious choice was to implement a proper PPC marketing campaign, advertising on Google search listings. People were clearly buying the products MegaSavers was selling. All we had to do was put ourselves right at the top of the SERP, rather than relying on people’s desperation for online products to drive traffic as they clicked every option on the first page of search results. We began by placing every product into a single, large campaign, and targeted both the keywords for our SEO campaign that was generating organic traffic, as well as high volume keywords based on product names. This initial catch-all campaign drew some orders, an additional 106 over the previous month, but was too costly and complex to maintain. Not to mention it wasn’t getting the results we were looking for.

To replicate the numbers we’d seen in March, we needed to increase the visibility of our ads, as well as the click rate. Instead of pushing a quick fix, like increasing the ad budget or adding more keywords, we decided to use the March traffic data from our SEO campaign to identify exactly where we needed to place our bets. We looked at all the highest performing products and the pages with the highest conversion rates and separated these from the rest of our ads in a new campaign with its own budget. As well as letting us create more specific ads for our high performing products, it also let us reserve a bigger portion of our budget specifically for those products, and prevent the budget from being sucked up by the hundreds of other lower converting products on the site.

Sales numbers immediately shot up, increasing our orders by 80% by the end of the next month. These numbers have been steadily increasing since, with figures currently sitting at 715 orders for October, a 495.8% increase from the start of the SEO campaign in December 2019.

Key Takeaway

At a basic level, the best way to increase sales for products is to advertise the products that people want in the places they’re looking for them. When advertising these products using PPC and you have a specific budget, it’s worth ensuring that your budget is going to be spent on those products and not on sending your customers to pages that won’t result in a sale. If you are looking to increase sales for your business, call us today on 1300 565 610!