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Reach Your Audience and Grow Big Locally with Laser-Targeted Local SEO!

At Xugar, we can create Local SEO Strategies that will boost your business’ visibility. This helps you bring more traffic to your website by using locally targeted pages and keywords.

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Local SEO Agency in Melbourne

Reach potential customers in your local area

Local SEO is more than simply advertising your local business online. It’s targeted, relational, and the most effective way to reach potential customers in your local area. With more than 50% of searches featuring local intent, understanding and implementing Local SEO the first step to launching your sales to the stars.

Our experts at Xugar use Local SEO to both build and enrich your online presence. This includes using tools such as Google My Business to create info-rich listings for your business in Google. Moreover, targeting local search terms made by potential customers in your area. We position your website in a way that shows Google how good your business really is, and how much people in your area need to know about it.

By targeting terms people are searching in your local area, getting customer’s attention becomes less hoping, and more selling. Local SEO is ideal for small businesses, as home-grown businesses and smaller start-ups often can’t compete with larger, more established companies. No matter how good your homemade handbags are, trying to take on Louis Vuitton as a start-up is going to be an uphill battle.

These days, however, 4 out of 5 people look for local information using Google Search or Maps.

People are searching more for businesses near them, instead of larger businesses, giving you a chance to take control of the market around you. The Local SEO Geniuses at Xugar at will turn your business from a local secret into the talk of the town, and help you get traction on local search listings.

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Mobile Search Results

Optimise Google listings for mobile

In this age of instant gratification, people want it right here, right now. News, media, information, and most importantly, which stores are selling what they want. Your smartphone is the perfect window of opportunity, for you and for your business. People want the results most relevant to them at any time. If you know how to put your business in front of their eye right at that moment, you can bust the scene right open.

And here’s the best part. We know how. Using Local SEO we direct customers through your door in real-time, and show them you’ve got what they want. What’s more, Local SEO isn’t just a quick fix. 80% of local mobile searches to buy result in a purchase within the next 24 hours, and putting your name at the top of the list makes it the gift that keeps on giving.

Mobile SEO is bigger and better than ever, and it’s only going to keep growing. When the biggest player on the field, Facebook, gets more than 90% of its revenue from mobile, you know there’s something there. With recent improvements made to mobile search engine results pages, voice search, Google My Business and Google Ads, there’s an almost unlimited number of strategies you can implement to reach your customers when they need you most. At Xugar, our SEO experts combine and use multiple techniques and tools to create unique local SEO strategies for your business. Website optimisation, ad optimisation, content creation and listing perfection are our bread and butter, and the things that are going to help you grow big locally.

Take your mobile SEO game to the top with Xugar. Let our team of experts manage and optimise your website and Google listings for mobile and get you ranking at the top. And once you’re there we can scale your strategy and move your website into position for digital domination. It all starts right here with Mobile and Local SEO.

Get Results with SEO

Local SEO can take your business to the next level. Whether that’s building your online presence in your local area or expanding into other suburbs and cities. At Xugar, we’ll take your website from zero to hero, and beyond! Take advantage of Local SEO to find customers you’re missing locally. You can bring the right customers to your business with specific niche targeting. Our team of experienced professionals a Xugar can get you started with a custom local SEO strategy that’s guaranteed to bring results.

Potential Local Customers Can Find Your Business

Customers are far more likely to choose you if the information you’re showing them is relevant to their search. Using Local SEO you can show different information to customers in different locations, which is especially important if your offerings differ by location, or customer needs change by location.

Give Your Customers the Right Information

Customers are far more likely to choose you if the information you’re showing them is relevant to their search. Using Local SEO you can show different information to customers in different locations, which is especially important if your offerings differ by location, or customer needs change by location.

Drive Traffic Through Targeted Online Leads

Local SEO is more than just your website. Using directories, search tools and other mediums you can generate leads simply by associating your brand with localised search keywords. This can even drive traffic to your website, with these things leading people in the area to your pages through multiple channels.

Increase Your Local Presence!

Local SEO can establish your business as a local brand, and build its reputation. People are more likely to place their trust in a brand that seems real. Including information on your website that shows your business is tangible and local goes a long way to building relationships.

We know SEO can take time, but don’t worry, we’re in it for the long run. Call us today and have a chat with our experts. We can work out exactly what you need to get your SEO up and running!