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Google added the ability to publish your Google Local Business listings (GMBs) without having to update your business address last week on 4th November 2018. If you have a service-oriented business such as pet grooming or mobile car repair, this is a now an opportunity for you to improve your Google Rankings through Google listings!

With this new update, you now have two options to select the service areas:

  • Serving Customers at Business Address
  • Not Serving Customers at Business Address

If you serve customers at your business address, you need to enter both your service area and your business address. However, if your business doesn’t serve at your business address, all you need to do is to leave your address blank and enter the service area.

If you are choosing the latter, you do not have to insert the Address in the address field. Some of the accounts can still see the following interface while trying to create the business listings in Google.

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If you are one of them, do not fret. The updates are rolling out and will soon be available to everyone.

Once it rolls out fully, you won’t be able to set a distance around your business but will have to switch to service area by cities, postcode or region.