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The nature of search has changed forever and what we type into Google over the next few years will have more of an impact upon SEO than ever before. Never has it been more important for your business than to determine search intent in 2018 and understand what your customers want.

Imagine you were a florist who sells white lilies and you instinctively know that when someone mentions, calls or asks in your store for this type of flower that it inevitably means the customer is looking for flowers to celebrate a wedding or perhaps an anniversary.

Therefore, they probably also would be interested in a range of your other products or perhaps this initial inquiry opens up your business to solve a whole range of their problems. A win-win for you and your new customer.

The evolution of search intent

This solution-seeking mindset is the basis for how searchers utilize the search box. If you understand this and can determine search intent in 2018, pin-pointing how your customers behave in the search results then you will reap the benefits in Google.

The Google search results have come a long way from the days when a business could stuff a heap of keyword terms that matched what they thought their customers were looking for into a single page.

Before Penguin and Hummingbird Google Algorithm updates, a site could very well strategize what they had to offer based upon broad silos of topics that were somewhat semantically related. Hey if the traffic existed then it was a no-brainer that the customer would get to the right place, right!?

Not anymore.

Businesses now must ensure that the pages representing their services are aligned to the intent of search terms. Not only that, but they must ensure that they have content that is compelling enough so searchers remain on their site long enough, telling Google it’s a credible option for the search results.  Knowing how to determine search intent in 2018 is vital.

Leading search software developers SEM Rush report this will become even more crucial in the next few years for SEO when the emphasis is more upon the relevancy, quality and authority of results for voice search.

SEM Rush predict that voice search will dominate as much as 70 percent of search use by users in the 2020s.

Never has it been so paramount that your business understands how to determine search intent in 2018.

One of the best strategies you have at your disposal to ensure you’re on the same page as your customers is to perform a deep analysis of what keyword terms your business should be ranking for.

Solutions to determine search intent

Solution 1: Research

SEO thought leader Rand Fishkin recommends in his top list of ranking factors in 2018 is to pick the main keyword and perhaps a set of secondary keywords that match your customer’s search intent. The team at Moz recommend that the intent behind all of your keywords should be similar so that your content can match their intent. If you need a little help with this, Xugar are experts at narrowing down what terms work best for businesses big and small.

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Solution 2: Content

In 2018, the quality of your content will make your SEO world go ‘round. It could mean the difference between the top position of Google and gaining incredible click-through-rates to your conversion pages. Your content must match the intent of the search term and be good enough to keep them compelled to stay on your site.

Check out Yello Digital’s guide to writing SEO friendly content in 2018 here: 8 Seo Copywriting Best Practices for your business in 2018. All of these signals tell Google that you have a credible website. If your current site isn’t faring so well in the results, then Xugar would be more than happy to help.

Solution 3: User Experience (UX)

The brand experience of your customers is vital in holding your position at the top of Google search results. If your website fails to provide customers with what they want in a compelling way that also delivers them on their journey to becoming your customer, then it will hurt you in the search results.

The future might be voice according to SEM Rush but it is currently mobile and the developer folks at dzone.com say that the bounce rate witnessed on mobile devices will be the front-and-centre issue for businesses in the next decade. Whether you feel that your current site is hindering your ranking efforts or you just need advice about how your site should be structured to get to the top of the search results, Xugar can provide assistance.

Understanding your customer and translating this knowledge to the digital landscape is the biggest challenge facing businesses in 2018. The team at Xugar can do all the keyword research to help you compete in the search results. Contact us on 1300 565 610 to start ranking now!