Best designed services are hardly noticeable, delightful and meaningful because they feel natural and intuitive, it’s human.

Service Design

Great Services are Deliberately Designed

Service design is a user centric approach where we intentionally craft exceptional customer experiences and design the internal processes to deliver the service efficiently. It includes the needs of your users, your staff and your brand. By visualizing new ideas and customer journeys, testing with customers and staff from day one, this approach highlights potential challenges and generates ideas to mitigate them, resulting in bigger confidence in the ideas and higher commitment to action.

From a Customers’s Perspective

Every interaction a user has with your organisation, is experienced. It’s how they feel, even unconsciously at every step or touchpoint or across channels, that makes it a seamless and delightful experience. We design for the human experience, the touchpoints along the way that solves their pains and also provides them xweet surprises along the way. They are at the centre of the stage.

From an Organisation’s Perspective

The process of delivering includes your staff experience whom needs are to be taken into account and make sure they are as content and delighted as your customer. We design it with you, not for you, so you create the capacity and culture to continue service transformation.

A collaborative & iterative process

Clarify and Strategy

Research and Test

Prototypes & Insights

Build & Implement

Everything we do is co-designed

The reason we co-design is to bridge the gap in what we think is best and what customers think it really is. It is to include stakeholders who will be impacted by the service and who will impact the service, from the beginning and have a system wide perspective

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