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Social media is an essential practice to enhance interaction between brands and customers. Do you know what is even greater about it? The juicy insights! And yes, Facebook is absolutely the pioneer of this trend. The big brother helps us to make those social engagements worth our time and effort by drilling down to the richest insights. As a result, we do, we learn and we have better targeting strategies.

Now, you know what you didn’t know and you can do what you couldn’t do!

What Is Facebook Audience Insights?

Simply, Facebook Audience Insights allow you to learn more about your potential customers. For example, you will be able to explore their demographics (age and gender, relationship status, and job roles), their interests (lifestyle) and behaviors (product and service preferences, buying behavior, etc.).

If these are what you are longing for, keep scrolling down because you are about to get the best out of Facebook!

How To Create Facebook Audience Insights?

This is where your first click should be:

Choose your wanted type of audience insights:

This should be your first sight of the interface:

Fill in your desired audience details on the left sidebar:

… and start exploring!

What Audience Insights Can Facebook Provide?

  • Age and gender
  • Lifestyle and characteristics
  • Relationship status
  • Education level
  • Job role
  • Top Categories
  • Page Likes
    • Pages
    • Relevance score
    • Audience population
    • Monthly active people on your page
    • Affinity score

With your selected audiences, this section will show:

  • Top Towns/Cities
  • Top Countries
  • Top Languages

Activity only shows data for the last 30 days. This data is the median number of your selected audience actions, which include the frequency of:

  • Page likes
  • Comments
  • Post likes
  • Post shares
  • Promotions redeemed
  • Ads clicked on

… and the types of devices your selected audiences use:

  • Desktop Only
  • Desktop & Mobile
  • Mobile Only
  • Computer
  • iPhone/iPod
  • iPad
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • Mobile Web
  • Feature Phone
  • Unknown

What Is So Cool About Facebook Audience Insights?

Let’s list out cool things about this Facebook’s function! With Facebook Audience Insights, YOU CAN:

  • Interact With The Data
  • Analyse Your Potential Customers
  • Save Their Data For Future Needs
  • Target Better Which Means Time & Effort Saving
  • Create Much Much Much More Effective Ads
  • Last but not least, you will get a creepy hell out of it! Reading those insights, you can’t do anything else but admit that the Internet knows more about you than your family does.

Now, you know what you didn’t know and you can do what you couldn’t do!

A friendly reminder: Facebook Audience Insights only applicable for a minimum number of 1,000 audiences!

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