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Netsuite Magento Integration requires in-depth knowledge of both Magento and Netsuite ERP system. Our experts ensure we are familiar with your internal business processes before we start your project. While we focus on full automation, we also work on projects that may require customisation or be tweaking their current set up.

The key focus is to increase efficiency. With proven step by step process definition & design methodologies, we create user-friendly business cases. Work with your current set up with focus on change mitigation. Most valuable time is lost in repeat work and manually keeping both platforms in sync. However, once the two platforms are successfully mapped and integrated, this all becomes highly manageable and efficient.

With our full end to end integration, NetSuite manages all the stock, inventory and financial aspects whereas Magento manages all the e-commerce aspects. Here, the focus is always on easy management on the full set up.

Benefits of Netsuite Magento Integration

  • Always get and display the latest inventory on the front and back end
  • Manage current and add new products from either platform
  • Order management is synced and always up to date in NetSuite
  • Fulfilment management is seamless and synced from NetSuite to Magento
  • Save time and increase efficiency within the organisation
  • Eliminate repeat work and see current data in all systems

What can you do with Netsuite Magento Integration

  • Export and Import customers from Magento to NetSuite
  • Export and Import sales orders from Magento to NetSuite
  • Synchronise all credit memos between Magento and NetSuite
  • Export all sales orders from Netsuite and Import on Magento
  • Sync inventory levels between systems

At Xugar, we work on creating innovative solutions that help you excel and create efficient working systems. Our solutions focus on high return on investment, easy management and boost revenue through online strategies. Speak to our Magento experts today by calling us on 1300 565 610.