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We’re a certified Google Ads Partner

We create agile ad campaigns designed to scale your business. Our Google Ad experts get your website on track for leads and sales growth. We focus on capturing the attention of your target customers with engaging content to get best results.

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Google Ads Agency

Agile, Scalable & Highly Experienced

Looking for a professional AdWords Agency? The Google Ads geniuses at Xugar can help you take your Google Ads campaign from zero to hero. So, get your website back on track for leads and sales growth. With Google Ads, you can hire your own digital salesperson and watch as clicks, leads, and sales come through without even lifting a finger. It’s all possible, with hyper-targeted advertising campaigns designed to grab attention.

If you’ve ever tried to start your own Google Ads campaign, you’ll know how complicated it can be. With near unlimited customisation of your ads, and further choices to be made when targeting them, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You need to create an ad that is eye-catching and provides the right information, but also attracts the right people to your business. We’ve seen too many people waste hundreds, even thousands trying to get their campaigns working. Join up with the experts at Xugar and you get access to our years of experience, testing and trials. We’ve done the hard yards, testing campaigns and discovering the best ways to run ads. This means you get real, tangible results, and maximum return for your investment.

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Take Control of Your Clicks

Drive real Leads

Connect with paying customers instantly and filter out the window shoppers with highly targeted ad campaigns. Target customers by niche, demographic, age, search terms and more, building a better understanding of your customer base as you go. So, contact Xugar AdWords agency today!

Our experts craft ads that not only target the right keywords but draw attention with mind-blowing ad copy and A/B tested landing pages. We optimise and fine-tune campaign constantly. Moreover, we focus on finding the words and landing pages that resonate with your customers and convert at the highest rates. It’s all about reaching the right people, and the more you do, the more success you’ll find.

Google Search Ads work on a pay per click basis, meaning you pay only when someone clicks your ad. Through experience, we’ve come up with the most effective ways to drive real leads through Google Ads, and not just clicks. We focus on capturing the attention of your target customers with engaging ad text and eye-grabbing copy, to save you time, money and effort.

How We Work

We maintain transparency, high quality and clear communication.

Research & Analysis

We research all your keyword options and choose the ones that are going to give you the best results for what you’re trying to achieve.

Create a Search Ad

We create a text ad that shows your target market you mean business, and exactly what they’re getting by clicking on your ad.

Choose an Audience

We conduct extensive market research to find the best keywords for your ads to target and the kinds of people that are searching for them.

Set Your Budget

We set a budget that suits your needs and gets you the best value for your money. This includes your max Cost Per Click and your Monthly Budget.

Refine and Optimise

We check your campaign’s results regularly, tweaking and optimising to maximise effectiveness and get you the leads and conversions you need.

Grow your Campaign

As your business grows so can your Google Ads campaign. Add new products and services and we can update your campaign with them.

Contact Us

When it comes to SEO, we work with you every step of the way, changing and refining your strategy to get you results that speak for themselves. Combine Google Search Ads with a custom SEO campaign and take the digital world by storm. Optimise your website for traffic, conversions and sales across all channels. Talk to one of our Digital Growth Experts to get started today.