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PPC Agency Melbourne


We create high performing ads campaigns that aim to outperform your competitors.

Our campaigns are driven by data, aimed to grow your business and get the maximum RO!

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Rated 5 stars across 100+ Google reviews!

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Rated 5 stars across 100+ Google reviews!

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Rated 5 stars across 100+ Google reviews!

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Rated 5 stars across 100+ Google reviews!

Expert PPC Services in Melbourne


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And these are just naming a handful!


We’re a ‘one-stop’ shop for all your ads campaigns

If you’ve ever worked with a PPC Agency or tried to run an ad campaign, you know how daunting it can be. With customisation options for every feature, understanding how to set up a new campaign, let alone run one, can be a real chore.

While a great campaign can get you the results you’re looking for, and put you above the competition, actually setting up a campaign that works can be a monumental task. It can be easy to get lost in the system and set up a campaign that wastes your time and money. That’s where we come in. Our PPC agency team in Melbourne can plan create and optimise a Google Ads campaign that will shoot your business to the top of the charts.


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Xugar is powered by our clients and driven by their success. Here’s what they have to say about our services!

Kingston Funerals


Great experience with xugars approach and professionalism. Very excited with their enthusiasm in helping us improve our business. We have found the whole team helpful in every way and love the way the xugar team explain what they are doing in layman's terms. Look forward to the future.

Carolina Vera


Excellent team! Dorian, Amshu and Aaron always available to fix any issue or concern, they know their stuff! They helped me to Improving ranking, traffic & Sales! We keep improving weekly, keep the good work! SEO & Google ads service highly recommend!

Mawien Ariik


A great company that keeps to their promise and commitment. Thank you Xugar for your professionalism and seamless experience in dealing with you. | would recommend you to family and friends.

Geoff Gravenall


We've been using Xugar for our SEO work for a number of years now. Dorian and the team have been fantastic. Dorian’s attention to detail and understanding of our business is first class. Always a pleasure dealing with the team at Xugar.

Allie Liz


We have been working with Xugar for a few months now with our SEO and google ads services and we are extremely happy with what they provide. The whole team are very professional and responsive. Not only they response to our requests in a timely manner, they always go above and beyond to make sure we are looked after.

Noah Maia


I 100% recommend Xugar. They take care of our website and SEO and | couldn't be more happy with the results. The team is always very professional, supportive, organised and quick. We've been with Xugar for almost 2 years, and will continue for many more..

Shantee Sig


Excellent service from the team! We started off with Adwords and now after 6 months our SEO brings in 10 times more than the Adwords campaign at a fraction of the cost!

Onur Camurbuken


Can't recommend the crew at Xugar enough. They have helped our business grow online immensely with special thanks to Dorian as he is very knowledgeable and thorough with his approach and execution of his work. Highly advise anybody looking for online growth to deal with the team at Xugar.

Thomas Kennedy


We get consistent flow of new leads and enquiries every day. | started working with Xugar 6 months ago. After the 3 months we started seeing some traction. | highly recommend them because | have seen how it has changed my business.Much appreciated!

Pizza Farro


Amazing company to work with!! The Xugar team has made great effort to provide a high-quality service!! They are very professional and responsive. It is a real pleasure working with them. We can only recommend them!

Olivia Moller


All the team at Xugar have gone beyond my expectations. They each make it their duty to have a full understanding of your business. Jimmy's content knowledge was amazing. Dorian is a great project manager. Best change I've made.

Geoff Gravenall


We've been using Xugar for our SEO work for a number of years now. Dorian and the team have been fantastic. Dorian’s attention to detail and understanding of our business is first class. Always a pleasure dealing with the team at Xugar.

Nicholas Tama


They really put actual time and effort to get the results. Xugar is a classy business with a huge bang for your buck. They are definitely not like other companies who will just sign me up on a cheap price but later on I never got any ROI.

Lyn B


Got the team at Xugar to help me with an Adwords campaign for my beauty salon. Dorian was extremely informative and precise in setting it up and always keep us posted on the project progress. I’m happy with the result and have seen great ROI from it! Thanks again!


Tailored for your business

Choose one of our advertising strategies and get it tailored to meet your needs. Google advertising is a powerful tool if used correctly, and getting the best results requires the best strategies. Combine Google advertising with SEO or a social media campaign to focus on rank boosting or brand awareness. Or for best results, use remarketing and manipulate exposure to drive traffic. We’ll smash the boundaries of what you thought was possible with online advertising. Select the best PPC agency in Melbourne. Call us today!


Google Ads

The most widely used, & the most powerful option for search engine advertising. Get a custom keyword search targeted campaign and put your brand right at the center of the action.

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Google Shopping

Target browsing consumers directly with Google Shopping Ads that show off your product and prestige. Get Shopping ads for your Ecommerce store and blow away your competition.

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Display Ads

Target the right customers directly on their favorite sites and grab attention with highly targeted Google Display Advertising. With options for keyword, niche, topic, interest targeting and more.

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Remarketing is a huge part of modern advertising, and crucial for brand awareness. It’s a second chance to advertise, and one of the best ways to get value for your advertising money.


PPC Campaigns

That produce real results.

A Successful pay per click advertising campaign requires a strategic insight to your business goals. We’re a data-oriented Google Ads Agency & believe our success runs parallel to your’s.

Everything we do is driven by data with a focus on conversions. Every business is unique and so is our approach. Instead of using a cookie cutter approach to create a paid ads campaign, we create bespoke, data driven campaigns that are set out the perform from day 1. Whether you need to increase your sales online on a eCommerce store or generate leads & phone calls, a well-structured PPC campaign can help you achieve your business goals.




Real Time Metrics

Campaigns that are run with results in mind let you target the things that matter. Optimized for lead generation, sales, brand awareness and more. Monitor your ads in real time and see every data point, including clicks, pageviews and conversion rates. We fine tune your ads on the fly, changing settings for keywords, targeting, ad type and more over the course of your campaign. Get the best possible strategy and reach more of the right customers.

Stop Wasting Time and Money



If you’re interested in real results such & as sales, calls, and conversions, we’re the right company for you. We don’t believe in jargon and vanity metrics such as position & impressions. PPC campaigns require data-driven, strategic approach. The ads need to align with your business & goals both short & long term.

We create effective ads campaign, improve conversions on your landing pages and follow an iterative process that keeps improving. SEM or Search Engine Marketing can provide excellent short-term results. If used properly, SEM campaigns can deliver high growth!

If you’re ready to take your digital marketing to the next level or ready to scale your PPC campaign, get in touch with one of our experts today!



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We still promise not to send you spam and keep your data safe!
Sagar Sethi


Pay Per Click (PPC) is a digital advertising model in which payments are made based on the number of times people click your ads. The following are major ways through which Xugar, a specialized PPC agency in Melbourne can help your business:

Precision Targeting: We ensure you get to the right persons in Melbourne by narrowing down our scope thus amplifying the impact of your campaign.

Effective Campaign Development: Our team makes sure that they create catchy ad campaigns for Melbournians who will get involved with them at high levels and end up buying.

Results Tracking and Optimization: You can manage campaign performance in real-time and change strategies for better results with Xugar so that your investment has measurable outcomes.

Xugar is ideal for first-timers in PPC through offering:

Proven Track Record: We have successfully partnered with businesses of all sizes across Melbourne over many years.

Fast, Measurable Results: Be it a new product or service we believe in quick wins that can be measured hence we focus on results rather than process.

Highly-Targeted Advertising: We specialize in developing targeted ads according to consumer preferences specific to Melbourne’s market trends allowing us their maximum impact.

People-Centric Approach: At Xugar, we put more emphasis on knowing your corporate objectives hence aligning our plan around them for best marketing results that are personalized as per individual needs.

The pricing for PPC services offered by Xugar depends on the specific needs and goals of an advertising campaign. Nevertheless, our commitment towards transparency & result-driven approaches assures that you obtain a good deal when it comes to investing money here.

Consider asking these queries when assessing prospective pay-per-click (PPC) agencies:

Experience with Melbourne Businesses: Find out if they have experience in working with local businesses in Melbourne to help them understand the dynamics of their market.

Measurement of PPC Success: Inquire what methods they use to measure PPC success and what reports they give their customers which enhances transparency as well as accountability.

Examples of Work: Ask for samples of their previous work done for businesses like yours so that you can check out their skills and track record.

Pricing Structure: Determine whether there is alignment between your budget, expectations, & the pricing structure being applied by possible vendors.

It is advisable to partner with a specialized Melbourne-based pay-per-click (PPC) agency because this provides several advantages over handling everything on your own:

Expertise and Optimization: We are well-equipped to set up campaigns for maximum ROI.

Local Market Knowledge: Our understanding of trends in searches within Melbourne and consumer behavior is rich. This allows us to fine-tune our campaigns towards better performance.

Industry Experience: Our exposure across various industries means that we are skilled in how to deliver your business targets using some proven strategies.

Time-Saving Resources: Employing experts in the management of paid search campaigns frees you up. This is an opportunity to focus on any other tasks while letting someone else handle all the intricacies of PPC. This ensures that you achieve a dedicated campaign observation plus knowledgeability when it comes to PPC.

Xugar stands out through:

Proven Track Record: Our accomplishments are self-explanatory. Explore case studies and testimonials from our satisfied clients by visiting our website.

Transparency: We place a high value on open and honest reporting and communication, making sure you are always informed.

Understanding Your Business: As a Melbourne-based company, we take the time to comprehend your particular requirements and adjust our tactics accordingly.

People-First Approach: Xugar believes in human-oriented marketing, placing individuals at the center of everything. Our techniques focus on establishing a connection with your target audience on a personal level for maximum impact.

Here's what you can do to find out if Xugar is the best choice for your PPC requirements:

Explore Our Website: To learn more about our services and methodology, explore our website and if you have question, please reach out to our team Contact Us!

Customer Testimonials: Examine our customer testimonials videos to see how well we've performed for companies just like yours.

Consultation: Arrange a meeting with Xugar to go over your unique business needs in Melbourne in greater detail. We'll modify our strategy to successfully address your particular needs.

Yes, Xugar is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Melbourne, serving clients locally and across Australia since 2017. In addition to PPC, we provide a range of services including SEO, website design and development, social media marketing, and more services which you can check our here - digital marketing services offered by Xugar.

It depends upon multiple factors that you should consider before making a decision about whether you should be running Google Ads or doing SEO or perhaps both to grow your budget.

Of course! Its a strategic decision and would depend upon your current priorities and what your business goals are, how much overall budget your looking to spend.

But to help you make this strategic decision our team is available and happy to have quick chat, you can book a short and free session with our experts who can guide you in making decision about SEO or PPC - book a session now!

Of course! We will sit down together and decide what portion of your overall funding should be allocated towards Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) versus pay-per-click (PPC). This way you will get more visibility on the Google search results page driving targeted advertising traffic straight back into your website thereby increasing the chances of conversions happening.

But its a strategic decision to focus on both SEO and PPC.

PPC marketing is suitable for a small business relies on many factors such as budget and goals. For example, when we consult you, we will be able to determine if your digital marketing budget would benefit from allocation of funds to PPC to achieve your business objectives in the market and increase visibility or you should be exploring some other marketing avenue.