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Take advantage of over a hundred million monthly searches to reach your target market in new ways. We’re here to help you make the best of it.

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Microsoft Ads

When it comes to online advertising, Microsoft is Google’s little brother, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less powerful. Take advantage of over a hundred million monthly searches to reach your target market in new ways, and smash sales records with powerful ad customisation. Microsoft Ads is a largely untapped resource with little competition. So many businesses are Google obsessed and simply ignore the huge opportunity that Bing is. Microsoft is growing their advertising platform every day. We’re here to help you make the best of it. Get started today!

Reach New Horizons with Extended Ad Targeting

With less competition clogging up the ad space and sending CPC sky-high, Microsoft Ads could be the boost you need to take your business to the next level, no matter your budget. While Google Ads are important, what matters is getting the traffic and sales you need to make things work. With a customised ad campaign, you can set your warp thrusters to overdrive and get the best of both Microsoft Ads and Google without breaking the bank. Our Ad Experts choose the best channels for your campaign and ensure you make the most of your budget. We understand every business and industry is different, you need a strategy that works for you.

Brilliant Advertising on Any Budget

Customise ad targeting by keyword, location, ad group, campaign and audience and gain control over exactly who see your ads. Target by demographics, age, gender, income and more for fine-tuned ad visibility and maximum ROI. And when it comes to features, there’s more to come from Microsoft in the future, including video ads for position #1 ad spots, and 3D ads with detailed product visuals. Alternatively, if social is more your style you can customise your ads with follower counts and other social integration. With a team of expert Microsoft Ad experts at your back to help you burst through the competition, there’s no reason not to get on board today!

Boost Your Ad Campaign with Microsoft Ads

If you’ve got an existing Google Ads campaign and you’re looking for a little more oomph, you can bring in more leads by branching into Microsoft Ads. But you’ve got to do it properly. While you can import your Google Ads account into Microsoft Ads, you’re missing out on every feature that makes Microsoft great. Our comprehensive campaign conversion strategies make use of advanced customisation and targeting to create superb sales driving campaigns. We track your campaign performance, optimising it over the course of its run by understanding the insights and data. Maximise returns and always be in the know with campaign management.

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Get the Right Campaign for Your Business

So you want a supercharged Microsoft PPC campaign that gets real results without wasting money. Many businesses waste money on costly, badly targeted keywords and clicks that don’t convert, and we’ve seen many digital marketing agencies do the same. Our specialty lies in targeting the customers that are ready to make a purchase and making your campaign by finding the best strategy for your situation, and optimising for conversions, not clicks. Our experts are ready to take on any challenge, with the experience to take into account every aspect of your business factors and create a strategy that gets the results you need. Get eye-grabbing copy, intelligent landing pages and full campaign management with Xugar. Call us today.