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We’re a data driven SEO agency

Looking for an SEO Agency Melbourne business owners love? We believe in creating honest SEO campaigns that produce tangible, measurable results. With SEO, return on investment is a key indicator that helps identify the success of the campaign. Our 360° SEO approach helps us get to the bottom of your competitive landscape and generate results you will love.

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High-Performance SEO Agency

We create lean, Data Driven SEO Campaigns that produce tangible, measurable results.

Our team will help you grow your business by precisely targeting ready to buy prospects & convert more organic traffic.

We take a people-centered approach to SEO, creating smashing content that’s sure to blow your competition out of the water. These days content is king. Genuine content focused on fulfilling customer needs is essential to getting your business noticed, and put your product in front of the right people. Talking directly to the people who want what you’re selling is the best way to drive real results.

When you work with the best, you get the best. Our skills and expertise are at your disposal, and we dedicate ourselves to your success. If you’ve tried SEO before, you might know that it can take time before you start seeing some incredible results, but rest assured, we’re in it for the long haul.

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Melissa Patterson

Principal, Argent Law

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A Content Focused & Data Driven SEO Strategy

Tailored for your business from day one.

Our strategy is simple. We put your business in front of the right people, driving targeted leads, and getting you sales. We understand that every business, industry and customer is different, and create custom SEO strategies for all our clients for exactly this reason.

So what does this mean for you? We analyse your business, understanding your competitors and your unique goals, needs and wants.We look at the keywords your customers are searching, and find ways to take on the market with quality content. Everyone’s got something to say, and with the right words and direction you can take on the world. This means you get tangible results, and not just numbers. Increased calls, more traffic and exciting content that will put your business on the map. In the end, all leads to increased sales, and profit.

Your website is the gateway to your business online, and the digital salesman for your service. By deep scanning and analysing your website we can find and enhance aspects that others can’t. We’re talking internal page structure, backlink quality and strength, backend code integrity and targeted keywords and content, among many more. Google has around 200 website ranking factors that we know of, and it’s our job to know and use them to their full extent to get you real, revenue raising results. If your website is the car, then information is its driving force, and your team here at Xugar is the world-class race car driver. With our experience we can predict and deal with algorithmic changes and market forces, finding the best road for your business to take. Just look us up on Google under SEO Agency Melbourne. 

Our SEO Services

For Every Stage Of Your Business.

At Xugar, we do fantastic SEO, plain and simple. We have a passion for seeing businesses succeed online, taking websites of all sizes and turning them into lead generating powerhouses. At the end of the day, if you’re not reaching your customers, then what’s the point? Your website should be a glowing beacon to all your potential customers and help you Convert, Sell and Grow more.

Local SEO

If you’ve ever wondered how small businesses compete online, this is it. Click here to find out more about our Local SEO services, and dominate local online business listings with location-based SEO.

National SEO

For companies operating on a national level, or businesses looking to take their product to the masses, National SEO is the strategy for you. We’ve got a wide range of options to explode your leads.

Enterprise SEO

Hit new highs and smash revenue targets with a custom high-level Enterprise SEO strategy. Collaborate with the best and escalate your digital presence to the best it’s ever been with our team. 

SEO Experts Driven by Success

Our SEO experts are real life SEO ninjas. No, really. Team up with Xugar and get access to some of the most talented Search Engine Optimisation specialists Melbourne has to offer. Our people-driven, data-centered approach lets us find the best paths for your business, and lead you in the best direction. With Search Engine Optimisation this good, people will have no choice but to stop and listen! Work with the best SEO agency Melbourne has on offer.

Keyword Analysis and Intent Optimisation

We analyse thousands of keywords and choose only the ones that are going to get you leads. With the right keywords and the best content, take advantage of buyer intent and turn it into a power that moves people. What’s more, as your website grows, we open up new opportunities, keywords and markets that drive your business even further. Take your strategies further with our advanced SEO.

We Prioritize High Impact Content Creation

Creating brilliant content is an integral part of our strategies. It’s the heart and soul of a website, and the meat that makes your customers want what you’ve got. All our content is written in house, and tailored to your industry and your needs. A custom content outreach strategy based on knowledge and experience could be exactly what your business needs to breach the veil and boost sales tenfold!

Excellent On-Page Optimisation Everytime

We analyse thousands of keywords and choose only the ones that are going to get you leads. With the right keywords and the best content, take advantage of buyer intent and turn it into a power that moves people. What’s more, as your website grows, we open up new opportunities, keywords and markets that drive your business even further. Take your strategies further with our advanced SEO.

Iterative Off-Page Optimisation

When it comes to SEO for websites, what you see is not always what you get. We know that a beautiful website isn’t going to convert customers if no one ever sees it. By putting effort into building quality links to your website from other websites and reaching out with advertising and content, we can give you the edge that others don’t have. As a leading SEO agency in Melbourne, we don’t use tricks and gimmicks, just genuine hard work that adapts to the changes in advance algorithms.

Tracking, Measuring and Monitoring

SEO is an ongoing process. We measure, test and revise our strategies over and over to make sure you’re getting the absolute best. What’s more, we keep you informed every step of the way, with regular performance updates. We’re a preferred SEO Agency in Melbourne for a good reason. Our SEO experts want to put control of your website back in your hands, and see you grow big like never before.

Let’s Get You Ranking!

When it comes to digital marketing, information is power. With years of experience behind us, we can take the latest in SEO trends and turn them into fuel for profit. There is a reason why we’re an SEO Agency Melbourne business owners vouch for. We work closely with you to custom design razor-sharp SEO strategies, making sure they meet the needs of your business. Make sure that your users can find you and get the Search Engine Optimisation that’s right for you.

You need an SEO agency who can really make a difference. Let us show you how we helped a local business achieve a 400% increase in revenue in a year using SEO and Adwords (Google Ads). Claim your free SEO Audit today and find out how your website is really performing. Fill in the form & we’ll get in touch!