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Got an idea for a brand new app? Xugar can help you design and develop your new iOS app for iPhones and iPads.

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iOS App Development

With a huge range of apps available on the App Store, each shouting for attention, it’s important to stand out and deliver a first-class user experience for your customers. Whether it’s an eCommerce app or a utility app for a well-established organisation, how users interact with your app matters the most. Developing an app that is visually appealing as well as intuitive takes experience and skill.
Xugar’s iOS app development team focuses on the finer details; user interface transitions, macro & micro interactions and gamification to increase screen time, among many other things. We also ensure that while we focus on all of the above, we keep your brand relevant, noticeable and consistent.

Step 1: Define, Define, Define

At Xugar, we believe in doing things right the first time. When we kick off your iOS app development project, we make sure to Define not just your business, but your business goals and most importantly, your Audience. Only then can we tailor the User Experience of the design for their needs; Nothing is more important than the user! We additionally research your competitors to see what they are doing right, and what they are doing wrong. Defining these topics allows us to create an efficient and effective solution for your business through complex user flow diagrams, sitemaps and scope documentation. As we consistently refer to these answers to test and refine the design so as to ensure everything is right!

Step 2: Design and Development

After we have defined the scope, we then begin to sketch wireframes of your major screens to ensure that everything required on your pages are present and most importantly, logically flows into one another for the optimal User Experience possible! Only once these foundations have been defined, we begin creating the aesthetics of your site using the latest industry tools and design your new iOS App after then coding your new app!

Step 3: Debug and Deliver

Once the development of your iOS app is finished, we put all our efforts into breaking it. Through rigorous testing we make sure your app is foolproof, easy to use and the best it can possibly be. Finally, after we fix all the gaps, bugs and functional deficiencies, we move to deploying your app on the App Store.

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App updates

Ongoing maintenance is essential when your business depends on your App. Releasing regular updates include patches, fixes and updates fuelled by user feedback. Many apps on the App Store today have evolved over time to adapt to the changing market and audience, and it’s important yours does the same. Tying your apps with Apple iOS updates and new hardware releases help you provide a cutting-edge experience to your users. This helps you capture early adopters and increase your audience. Moreover, staying up to date with the software releases help you and your users to operate on a secure and functionally robust platform.

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Xugar can help you design and develop your iOS app not just for your business, but for your audience. Book an appointment with our digital growth experts to start defining your iOS apps today!