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Rated 5 stars across 100+ Google reviews!

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Rated 5 stars across 100+ Google reviews!

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Rated 5 stars across 100+ Google reviews!

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Rated 5 stars across 100+ Google reviews!

Strategic & Taliored SEO Services in Perth


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And these are just naming a handful!


tried and tested seo strategies

Experienced Team

With some of Australia’s leading SEO techs on board, you can be sure you’re in good hands. We’ve spent years working out how to beat Google at its own game, optimising websites for the algorithm using cutting edge techniques. Google’s algorithms are complex and ever-changing, making it hard for any one company to stay on top of things. Luckily we’ve seen it all and know exactly how to work out what Google wants.

We’ve helped our clients rank first page for thousands of keywords. build an actionable plan together tailored specifically towards your goals! Discuss your goals with our experts today and create a custom campaign focused on delivering the highest possible ROI.

Realised value for business

Using your comprehensive SEO audit we can set goals from the start and work to achieve results that have real and tangible effects on your business. Each one of our SEO campaigns is tailored to match your needs and business goals. Clicks and views are nice, but it’s hard to pay bills with good looking data. Working closely with we can better understand your business and industry to create a campaign that will return your investment many times over.

We’ll do everything in our power to help your business grow. Of course, while we’re here brainstorming new tactics for digital domination, you’re out there running your business. So If you’re ready to put in the work on your business, we’re ready to work hard and see some real growth.

Transparent Reporting

SEO is more important for business than ever before. If your customers can’t find you on Google, there’s a very good chance they’ll never find you. Thankfully, you don’t have to be an SEO wizard to get great rankings anymore. With Xugar on your team, you can take advantage of our knowledge and experience to bring your business to new heights. And we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

Our in-house reporting system is designed to make all our work transparent and easy to access. You’ll see exactly what we’re doing on your website as well as the effects our efforts are having in real-time. No more sending your money to an agency and praying for results. We keep communication clear and consistent ensuring you know what’s going on at all times.

Advanced strategies

Through an initial comprehensive SEO audit, we can see exactly where your website is lacking, both on-page and off-page. We use this information to create your tailored campaign, utilising a range of advanced SEO strategies to put your business on the fast track to the top. It’s these same custom strategies we used to achieve one of our clients a 413% increase in leads, and another a 495% in orders!

We’re constantly looking for the next big thing, monitoring trends and online channels to work out what’s going to put our clients at the top. Join hundreds of businesses across hundreds of niches when you choose Xugar and discover what professional-grade advanced Perth SEO strategies can do for your business!


We work with you and your business!

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Get Found on Google

With years of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to SEO. Using on-page and off-page SEO strategies tailored to your business and industry, your website will climb the search rankings organically. We choose keywords that make the most sense for your business, ensuring you get clicks from customers looking for exactly what you’re selling.


Impress With Your Website

Once you’ve got visitors to your site, you need to grab their attention! We go through your website in serious detail, optimising headings, images, formatting, layouts and even the code behind it. If anything is damaging your visitor’s ability to get what they need from you, we’ll find it. Your customers will love your website and Google will too.


Write Up a Sale

A wise man once said, “with great content comes great responsibility”. Well, maybe not quite, but with content this good you don’t want to be caught off guard! Our team of SEO content technicians work out exactly what it is your customers, and Google, are looking for from your business and embed it into each and every page. See your conversions fly with attention-grabbing landing page copy and blog content.


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Xugar is powered by our clients and driven by their success. Here’s what they have to say about our services!

Kingston Funerals


Great experience with xugars approach and professionalism. Very excited with their enthusiasm in helping us improve our business. We have found the whole team helpful in every way and love the way the xugar team explain what they are doing in layman's terms. Look forward to the future.

Carolina Vera


Excellent team! Dorian, Amshu and Aaron always available to fix any issue or concern, they know their stuff! They helped me to Improving ranking, traffic & Sales! We keep improving weekly, keep the good work! SEO & Google ads service highly recommend!

Mawien Ariik


A great company that keeps to their promise and commitment. Thank you Xugar for your professionalism and seamless experience in dealing with you. | would recommend you to family and friends.

Geoff Gravenall


We've been using Xugar for our SEO work for a number of years now. Dorian and the team have been fantastic. Dorian’s attention to detail and understanding of our business is first class. Always a pleasure dealing with the team at Xugar.

Allie Liz


We have been working with Xugar for a few months now with our SEO and google ads services and we are extremely happy with what they provide. The whole team are very professional and responsive. Not only they response to our requests in a timely manner, they always go above and beyond to make sure we are looked after.

Noah Maia


I 100% recommend Xugar. They take care of our website and SEO and | couldn't be more happy with the results. The team is always very professional, supportive, organised and quick. We've been with Xugar for almost 2 years, and will continue for many more..

Shantee Sig


Excellent service from the team! We started off with Adwords and now after 6 months our SEO brings in 10 times more than the Adwords campaign at a fraction of the cost!

Onur Camurbuken


Can't recommend the crew at Xugar enough. They have helped our business grow online immensely with special thanks to Dorian as he is very knowledgeable and thorough with his approach and execution of his work. Highly advise anybody looking for online growth to deal with the team at Xugar.

Thomas Kennedy


We get consistent flow of new leads and enquiries every day. | started working with Xugar 6 months ago. After the 3 months we started seeing some traction. | highly recommend them because | have seen how it has changed my business.Much appreciated!

Pizza Farro


Amazing company to work with!! The Xugar team has made great effort to provide a high-quality service!! They are very professional and responsive. It is a real pleasure working with them. We can only recommend them!

Olivia Moller


All the team at Xugar have gone beyond my expectations. They each make it their duty to have a full understanding of your business. Jimmy's content knowledge was amazing. Dorian is a great project manager. Best change I've made.

Geoff Gravenall


We've been using Xugar for our SEO work for a number of years now. Dorian and the team have been fantastic. Dorian’s attention to detail and understanding of our business is first class. Always a pleasure dealing with the team at Xugar.

Nicholas Tama


They really put actual time and effort to get the results. Xugar is a classy business with a huge bang for your buck. They are definitely not like other companies who will just sign me up on a cheap price but later on I never got any ROI.

Lyn B


Got the team at Xugar to help me with an Adwords campaign for my beauty salon. Dorian was extremely informative and precise in setting it up and always keep us posted on the project progress. I’m happy with the result and have seen great ROI from it! Thanks again!


As a leading digital marketing agency, Xugar offers a range of SEO services.


Local SEO


Google Business Profile

shopping cart

eCommerce SEO


National SEO



We work with you and your business!


Looking for an SEO agency in Perth you can trust?

We know trust is built from the ground up. Our transparent reporting processes, like our in-house reporting system and regular progress updates, meaning you’re always up to date on what’s happening with your campaign. We’re more than happy to make changes to your website if you need them and provide you with info and advice on all things SEO.

Tired of feeling like you're gambling

You won’t find any BS here. We make a point of always talking straight with you, making sure you know what’s happening with your campaign. If things don’t go to plan, we’re already testing and making changes to set them back on track. And when they do, you’re the first person to know. We’re real with you from the start, working hard to get the results you deserve.

Worried about wasting money on empty promises

We guarantee results from day one of your campaign. With so many agencies exploiting uneducated customers, it can be hard to find one that works for you. We set out to change that. With clear goals set out from the start and transparent reporting, you can always see how your campaign is tracking. And if we don’t achieve our goals, we’ll keep working for FREE until we do!

Ready to put in the work to see your business grow

Then we’re ready to help you make it happen! Xugar is more than just an SEO agency in Perth. We’re your digital marketing partners, working closely with you to reach your goals and achieve your vision. Whether it’s through advanced search engine optimisation strategies or tailored campaigns designed for success, our SEO experts will be on call to help you make the most from the results of your campaign.


Talk to us!

We’re all about giving you the support you and your business need to flourish online.

For advice on how to get your business growing, and want to get started creating a seriously good eCommerce web presence, talk to our growth specialists today. We’re experts when it comes to increasing sales and maximising your ROI.



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We still promise not to send you spam and keep your data safe!
Sagar Sethi


SEO for Perth businesses drives qualified leads, improves visibility and increases brand awareness within the local market. Using examples and data specific to Perth, we demonstrate how local search behaviour directly affects business success.

With increasing “near me” searches in Perth, it becomes necessary for companies to use SEO to service such localised queries thus expanding your geographical reach and relevance.

Local SEO for Perth businesses mostly involves optimising specific geographical areas in the city's market. These include leveraging Google My Business and local citations so that when people look up such terms your company can have more presence thus boosting foot traffic from local customers among others.

By choosing Xugar for SEO in Perth, you will be partnering with a local agency that understands the dynamics of the Perth market very well. We have vast experience to help us manoeuvre this terrain using effective search terms that are specific to Perth.

Furthermore, we also have pertinent Perth-based awards and certifications which further validate our knowledge on these conditions. To demonstrate real conversions we offer case studies, statistics and testimonials from some of our successful Perth clients. This is because we understand the need to get in front of people searching online who then convert into leads or sales as a result.

What distinguishes us from the rest within the competitive Perth SEO market is our consistent desire to comprehend the dynamics inside it, develop custom strategies for maximum effect and constantly fulfil our promises.

SEO for brand awareness in Perth will result in lead generation, an increased authority within the local community and also increase your website's traffic through organic searches. 

By obtaining high rankings on keywords that are linked to Perth based information you are able to dominate the city’s search results, which makes you a trusted expert that users will always consult whenever they’re looking for something or just browsing around shopping options (Perth).

If you’re curious about short term vs long term SEO in Perth, SEO for your Perth business is simply a long-term plan. Although there may be short term benefits that flow from tactical interventions, long term visibility and increased market share offer more value. 

Our agency keeps Perth businesses ahead by continuously taking steps to keep them growing within an ever changing world of SEO.

Curious about how long to rank for Perth SEO? Ranking high on Google pages within Perth through SEO takes time due to various underlying factors that influence it slowly but with surety unlike other short term solutions often used by most businesses.

Our approach breaks down these timelines into different stages, which range from technical fixes to initial content optimisations and ongoing efforts that are geared towards the unique challenges of Perth. 

Instead of fixating on certain rankings, we mostly focus on making consistent progress as this will ensure sustainable growth is achieved in the Perth market over a given period.

Keywords are a cornerstone of an SEO strategy for Perth businesses and consist of words and phrases used by the inhabitants of this city when searching for products or services. 

We select relevant Perth SEO keywords designed specifically around Perth so that your enterprise can be more easily found in local searches, thereby generating targeted traffic and optimising engagement.

Content and SEO in Perth is central to an effective optimization strategy targeting consumers located within Perth since it allows businesses to optimise according to search intent while also establishing topical authority.

Localisation of content for SEO involves tailoring material towards subjects that are likely being discussed by individuals living in these areas hence making what you put out there more relevant and relatable among people who live here. 

Through this approach therefore, you will always be seen where you should be in the highly fluid digital space of western Australia.

Your website is directly made more visible on search engines in Perth by using SEO to raise its relevance and trustworthiness. 

With targeted SEO efforts, we make sure that your site is highly ranked for searches specific to Perth which will bring in potential buyers increasing your online Perth SEO visibility in local markets.

For your business to have a good Perth SEO strategy, you should focus on technical SEO, content creation, backlink building and local SEO. Every part of it is made specifically for the peculiar dynamics of the market in Perth so as to guarantee high level of visibility and interaction with the local community.

In view of this fact it plays a very crucial role towards gaining positive outcomes from search engine optimization activities taking place within this area especially from its surrounding areas hence making it successful Generally known as link building) which involves establishing quality links (Backlinks for SEO in Perth) with relevant websites located within your space. 

Through strong partnerships with trusted local directories and reputable online publications based right here at home (Perth), we ensure your website has a very strong presence on search engine results pages (SERPs).

We utilise different renowned SEO tools in Perth such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, Google Analytics etc., to execute our SEO strategies in Perth. 

These devices enable us to carry out all-inclusive keyword research, keep track performance metrics and analyse what goes on about SEO in terms of Perth. This ensures that our campaigns are effective and efficient.

We find out about the latest SEO algorithm updates in Perth affecting SEO via industry blogs, communities, continuous research etc. We always make sure that we adjust our approach to reflect those modifications. 

Therefore we remain competitive hence record continual success within the market that is based in Perth.

Curious about SEO vs paid advertising in Perth? Though both approaches are beneficial when employed together successfully for digital marketing purposes in Western Australia, search engine optimisation typically takes longer as it is a long-term SEO investment. 

Some situations may call for paid ads to be used while the cornerstone of it all lies in search engine optimisation for total visibility and longevity in Perth.

The process when you choose an SEO agency in Perth involves certain important aspects. The ones you should look out for include having demonstrable experience in working within Perth's local area, providing clear reports, being results oriented among others.

Also avoid companies that would employ black hat methods or make unattainable promises. Inquire about their optimization techniques specifically tailored to suit those situations peculiar to them, how they achieve their outcomes and acquire references from your potential firms’ clients based in perth.

By focusing on these factors, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your business goals and ensures sustainable growth in the Perth market.

Though we cannot promise any SEO guarantees in Perth for any specific ranks as SEO keeps changing over time, our team is dedicated towards delivering concrete outcomes and sticking to best industry practices. 

We make no assurances other than staying connected with clients openly through ethical strategies while guiding them safely to success within this dynamic digital realm specifically designed for those who live in or near this particular town.