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Supercharge your leads and reach your maximum potential with a tailored SEO campaign. Using to-the-minute data and the latest in SEO techniques, Xugar creates tailored search engine optimisation strategies that put you on the fast track to success. Ready to get started with SEO Gold Coast? Claim your FREE 360° SEO Audit (worth $1300) and discover what your website is really capable of!

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We're Well Recognized within Australia & Overseas

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Killer SEO Campaigns for Massive Growth

We work with you and your business on the Gold Coast!

Xugar partners with you to create SEO campaigns geared towards your goals and vision. Using highly specific keyword research and both on-page and off-page technical SEO optimisation, we can drive targeted users to your website and maximise your ROI.

To put it simply, we put your business in front of hot leads to make your business grow.

 With Xugar, there are no tricks or gimmicks. Our team works directly with you to map out growth goals and work towards them right from the start. Combining your knowledge of the industry and our search engine optimisation skills we’re able to achieve results far beyond what many believe possible.

We use a comprehensive 360° approach to SEO on the Gold Coast that targets your customers at all main stages of the customer journey.

Optimise for Search Engines

Optimising your website for search engines is the core of any SEO campaign. We use our skills and a range of techniques to grow your website organically and put it in front of the people who need to see it. We’ve worked out what works and what doesn’t, giving you a headstart against the competition and a real chance at success.

Impress With Website Design

To get the best results, your website needs to be up to the task. We optimise all the on-page factors that could affect your rankings, including images, formatting and layout, and the underlying code. Then we create SEO landing pages designed with conversion in mind. With optimisation in place, your website will perform faster and better than ever.

Convert With Great Copy

If you’re marketing to people on the Gold Coast, you need to get your message out there. And what better way than with great content! We create SEO optimised, conversion-focused content that hits your target market with exactly what they need to hear. No more shouting into the void. Grab your customers attention with killer SEO copywriting and tell them exactly what they need to know to buy.

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Tried and Tested SEO Strategies

Experienced Team

Each one of our Gold Coast SEO campaigns is backed by an experienced team and a focused drive to succeed. With our team of technical SEO specialists behind you, you’re in the best position to succeed. We place ourselves on the cutting edge of SEO knowledge, testing new techniques and adapting to changes in the algorithm as they have them. With our team on your side, you’ll never have to worry about being left behind.

If you’re new to the whole SEO thing, come and have a chat with us! We’re more than happy to help answer your questions about all things Gold Coast SEO. Sit down with an expert and let us help you work out what your website is missing. We’ll even give you a complete website audit if you book online.

Real and Tangible Results

Clicks and impressions are nice, but when it comes down to it you’re not going to be paying the bills with good looking data. Of course, everyone’s needs are different. By setting out goals at the start of your campaign we can work out the numbers that matter to you and set your Gold Coast SEO campaign on course to reach them. This way you get tangible results that have a real and positive impact on your bottom line. 

Working closely with you allows us to better understand your business and industry, your goals, needs and more. But it means you’ve got to be committed from the start as well. It’s how we’ve achieved the results we have for all our top-performing clients.

Transparent Reporting

Keeping communication channels clear and data accessible is the first step to a solid partnership. With everything laid out on the table you gain a greater understanding of your website and the changes we’re making. See your rankings change in real-time and access our in-house reporting system for a complete overview of your website’s data and analytics.

If your Gold Coast SEO agency ever leaves you in the dark, wondering what’s going on, you need to get out fast! We believe working with a Gold Coast SEO agency should feel like a partnership, not a cash grab. We put you first in everything we do to make sure you’re getting the transparency you deserve from a partner.

Advanced strategies

Created by some of the leading minds in SEO Gold Coast, our advanced SEO strategies are designed to deliver results without the uncertainty. Using a combination of tried and tested techniques we create a tailored strategy focused on achieving your goals. It’s this process that’s helped our clients achieve incredible results, such as one achieving a 413% increase in leads, and another 495% increase in orders!

This comprehensive and constant analysis of your website lets us see exactly what we need to change to improve your rankings. We look at backlinks (the good and the bad), website content, SEO business building opportunities and much more. And with transparent reporting, you can see exactly what’s being changed and the effects it’s having on your website.

Our SEO Services

As a leading digital marketing agency, Xugar offers a range of SEO services.

Local SEO

Local SEO is what helps small businesses compete online, by targeting ready to buy customers in your area. Dominate your local search listings with our Local SEO Services and location-based SEO!

Google My Business Optimisation

If you operate local, Google My Business optimisation is essential. Xugar can help you hit the top of the map listings and attract more local customers to your business.

eCommerce SEO

Hit new highs and smash revenue targets with a custom eCommerce SEO strategy. With eCommerce SEO experts on board, we can attract the right customers and grow your online business.

National SEO

For companies already operating on a national level or businesses looking to take that next big step, National SEO is the strategy for you. Reach new horizons, and customers, with Xugar’s National SEO services.

Here’s Why You Should Choose Xugar

We work with you and your business!

Most SEO companies talk the talk, but when it comes down to results it’s a different story. You need an SEO Agency on the Gold Coast that can do both, with the confidence to talk and the skills to make it happen. Lucky you’re in the right place!

From the start, we set out to change the way businesses do SEO and digital marketing.

So if you’re:

Looking for a business you can trust

We’ll let you know what’s happening and how your campaign is performing every step of the way. No lies or excuses. You’re the first to know when things are going well, and when they don’t. Put your trust in our team of experienced SEO technicians and strategists and we’ll be by your side to see you through to success. SEO Gold Coast is a team game, and we’re in this together.

Sick of feeling like you're gambling

Search engine optimisation can feel like chance and luck sometimes, especially if you’ve never had success before. Unlike many other agencies, we know the rules of the game and use them to our advantage. With tried and tested strategies tailored to your needs we can tweak your Gold Coast SEO where we need to and see huge returns on your investment. We’ve helped many Gold Coast businesses achieve this. You’re next!

Tired of SEO agencies who don't deliver

We guarantee results for all our clients, no matter how much work it takes. We’re in this together, and that means working as hard as you do. In fact, if we don’t achieve the goals set out at the start, we’ll work for FREE until we do. No questions asked, no loopholes. Just hard work and real tangible results, guaranteed.

Ready to put in the work to see your business grow

We’re right there with you! Digital marketing is a fast-moving industry, which is why we’re committed to helping you navigate it. It can be hard to stay on top of Gold Coast SEO by yourself, but with our help and support, we’ll make sure you see success. With you working on your business and our team of experts working on your website, we’re sure you’ll see incredible results. Get your free SEO Gold Coast audit and get started today!


Xugar is powered by our clients and driven by their success. Here’s what they have to say about our services!

Xugar has been an absolute pleasure to deal with from the get-go. From website development to SEO migration, the team have been professional and responsive throughout the whole process. Being in the health industry, I am completely unfamiliar with how websites and smart SEO campaigns can be used to increase ROI but everyone has been amazing to deal with and have helped me understand the potential, one step at a time.

— Gavin Yang

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I have been working with Xugar for over a year now, and recently the enquiries for new swimming lessons has been the best in our entire 25-year history of running our business. This was also predicted by Xugar. They have been a star to deal with, and their guidance and direction has been second to none!! Thanks Xugar!

— John Sugden

john sugden swim school logo

We have been working with Xugar for our SEO and Google Ads services and we are extremely happy with what they provide. The whole team are very professional and responsive. Not only do they respond to our requests in a timely manner, they always go above and beyond to make sure we are looked after. Would highly recommend to anyone who’s looking to start SEO and other web services.

— Allie

lba logo

The team at Xugar are brilliant. They care about “you” and your “business”. The team have helped me navigate my way through the SEO wilderness and have also have delivered an amazing custom WordPress website, unlike anyone else has out there in my area of trade. Their greatest asset is that I can pick up the phone to get help or advice and they deliver.

— Brent Parker Jones

brent parker jones logo

Can’t speak highly about this company! What a wonderful and professional service provided, especially during the Covid Pandemic.

— Marisha Theeboom

kimmba logo

The team at Xugar are incredibly honest, helpful and very professional. I am very happy with their service and the way they have helped my business grow.

— Tracey Dordevic

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Case Studies

Many of our Gold Coast SEO clients have achieved incredible results. Check out the facts and figures and see for yourself!

Good Talent

Good Talent

A complete website and brand image redesign saw Good Talent Media grow fast in brand new ways.

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Accord Air

Accord Air

Xugar worked with Accord Air to bring their website into the modern digital age. Learn how we did it!

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Flash Trend

Flash Trend

Learn how technical SEO boosted conversions and revenue fast for eCommerce retailer Flash Trend.

Read More


Got questions? We’ve got the answers. Here are the most common questions our clients ask us.
Hungry for more? Shoot us a message today and we’ll be able to help you out!

How much does Gold Coast SEO Cost?

SEO pricing is completely dependent on the scope of work. The amount of time it takes to complete a project will vary based on how much needs done and what your timeline looks like. And the amount you pay will change with it. Because every business is unique there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for SEO. We have to tailor our strategies to each of our clients and create a digital marketing campaign that fits their needs. Depending on your goals, the state of your website, your industry, your budget and a wide range of other external factors, the cost of your SEO Gold Coast campaign will change.

Of course, you can choose the price that fits your budget, but the less you pay per month the longer it can take to get results. More money means more resources and more time for your agency to work with, and better ROI for you in the end! Underpaying for SEO is a trap that will end up costing you more money in the long run, as many end up paying hundreds every month for zero results.

Overpaying is also a problem. If you’re starting with a Gold Coast SEO agency and they’re charging a lot, you’d better know what work they’re doing. When your money is put to use, SEO can be a valuable tool.

Overall, you should expect to pay a monthly amount for a minimum of three months. Gold Coast SEO is a long term strategy, which is why we recommend investing in SEO for at least a year. This way, you will be able to see more significant results and avoid the trap of overpaying for Gold Coast SEO. Three months is the shortest amount of time it can take to see results, but if you’ve never done Gold Coast SEO before it will usually take longer.

Have you worked with similar businesses in my industry?

Xugar is a company with so many areas of expertise. We have worked for wholesale companies, service providers, manufacturers, and more, helping them position themselves in the market better and make an impact online. Whether you’re looking to bring more business into your music studio or trying to sell more online, we can create a tailored solution that meets your needs.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, you can be sure our team has worked with another business in your industry or one that is similar. While we don’t work with competitors of our clients, we can provide SEO on the Gold Coast for similar businesses in areas that aren’t competing geographically or online. The beauty of finely targeted keywords is that we can pick the best keywords for your business and industry, bringing you results in areas online you may not have thought to target before.

If we haven’t worked with a business in your industry, we can gain a thorough understanding of your position and competition online through your 360° Gold Coast SEO audit. We look at a wide range of factors, features and challenges we may run into to develop a comprehensive overview we can use to win at SEO and you can use to better understand your industry online. Request an audit and sit down with one of our experienced Gold Coast SEO managers and we can guide you through the process. We’ll show you exactly what we can achieve in your industry and help you get the most out of your SEO Gold Coast.

How long have you been offering SEO?

Xugar has been offering Gold Coast SEO services on the Gold Coast since 2017. In that time we’ve helped many businesses achieve their business goals through SEO, growing beyond what they were able to achieve online. Over the last 5 years we’ve developed our SEO skills working with hundreds of clients and achieved incredible results for many of them. We have the knowledge and experience to deliver a comprehensive campaign that takes into account not just your business goals, but your needs, your target audience, and more.

While we’re still growing when compared with some other agencies, we have a talented team of Gold Coast SEO technicians, digital copywriters, ad experts and campaign managers who drive growth in our clients. We’re committed to delivering results and won’t stop working until we’ve achieved the goals we set out for.

Our work is founded on the philosophy of long-term results and growth. We work hard to develop and maintain partnerships with clients on an ongoing basis. It’s how we achieve the results we do and make sure you’re getting the most value for your money.

By the way, we’re not just talk. Between a track record of successful clients and SEO Gold Coast campaigns, and media coverage by 9 News, Daily Mail, Forbes, Herald Sun, SBS, The Australian and more, we’re pretty confident we can help you succeed online as well!

How long does SEO take to start working?

SEO will usually take a few months to start showing tangible results, especially if you’ve never done Gold COast SEO before. Most businesses can see results in some form in as little as three months, however, there are a huge number of factors that can affect how long it takes to achieve rankings. SEO Gold Coast will always start working immediately, but depending on the age of your website, any past history of your URL, how many pages you have, website structure, links from other websites and a thousand other things, you may not see results for a few months. 


Success is earned, not bought, and SEO requires a lot of work. While some businesses have seen incredible results quickly using SEO, many will find that months of hard work is the only way to see real growth. If you see someone’s ranks skyrocket overnight, you can usually bet there’s some foul play afoot. We aim to create SEO campaigns that are sustainable and compound for incredible results in the long-term. It’s why we recommend getting SEO for at least a year, as you’re effectively guaranteed to see great results in this time. 


Xugar helps you climb Google search to page one results with rich, relevant content for organic traffic. Ranking on search engines requires the right foundation to improve trustworthiness and authority, which in turn will yield higher rankings. This will give you direct, sustainable results, reflected in your business goals and ROI. 


In the end, SEO is a long term digital marketing strategy. We continuously test and update our SEO campaigns for maximum results. This way you’re constantly up to date with the latest changes and developments in SEO and can stay competitive now and into the future. The work we do never goes to waste, and neither does your time or money. With Xugar,  you get guaranteed results.

How much time will you spend actively working on my account?

When it comes down to it, the amount of time we spend on your campaign will be controlled by the amount you’re paying for it. While we’d love to spend all our time working on every one of our clients, we don’t have unlimited resources and need to manage our time.

It’s for this reason that we tailor our campaigns and set up specific goals from the start. This way we can work out how much time we can allocate to your campaign depending on your budget and ensure you get the results you deserve. There’s no single path to success with SEO Gold Coast, which gives us a lot of room to be creative and put our efforts in different areas. We work out which strategies are going to see you get the best results and work hard throughout the course of your campaign to make it happen. If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach, we can do that too. We work with clients to figure out what they want from their campaign and then put together a plan of action tailored to get the best results possible.

We’re open and honest with all our clients, aiming to provide a customer service experience that’s second to none. If there are things we can do for your business or your website that are outside the scope of your campaign, but won’t be hard for us to do, we can usually do them for you, no problems!

Where did the name Xugar come from?

Xugar was founded to fill a very specific and important gap in the market. In the beginning, we saw there was an enormous hole for long-term SEO solutions that are both clear and effective. So many agencies were only shortsighted strategies, “churning and burning” clients for short term profits. It’s a situation no one was winning in, and it was creating a bad name for the industry. We set out to change that.

Many small to medium-sized companies are paying easy money for SEO services without getting tangible results. They weren’t getting the results they were paying for, instead, being fed lies and empty promises. SEO used to be a closely guarded secret, a walled garden fenced off by a lack of education. With our transparent processes and clear goals and education from the start we began to show our clients what SEO was actually about, and how it was supposed to work. Long term projects for maximum ROI and long term results. It’s the commitment our competitors were lacking and pulling down that wall for our clients showed them a world of success they would have never seen otherwise.

So where does the name Xugar come from?

We started with the word Sugar (surprise!) and slowly morphed it into a word that fit our vision. With the X, Xugar represents the intersection of the four main pillars of our business: Technology, Marketing, People, and Businesses. We found the point where our strategies take into account each of these areas and delivers a comprehensive, holistic SEO solution. It’s a philosophy that’s reflected not just in our SEO, but in our general digital marketing services, social media, PPC advertising and more. Taking into account each area in everything we do is what’s helped us scale and grow not just ourselves, but our clients as well. And its a philosophy we hope to see spread throughout the SEO and digital marketing industry.

What makes Xugar different from other agencies?

Xugar focuses on long term results, not short term profits. We’re results-driven and committed to providing a holistic solution that is tailored for every client and their unique needs.

We realised early on that websites needed to make sense for people first, not search engines. As nice as it is ranking in first position 1, if your website is hard to use or understand you’re not going to make any money! We take the time to work out exactly where your website needs improvement and create a tailored strategy to target these areas.

We spend time looking at the competition, your site’s performance metrics and top industry trends to find out where you could be improving. Then, we do a full audit of your website with recommendations for improvement in order to boost engagement rates and conversion rates. Combined with a thorough understanding of your goals and your industry, by working closely with you, we can achieve results that are far greater and more comprehensive than many other agencies. You’re putting your money, time and effort into growing your business, so you can be sure we’re doing the same. Transparent reporting systems, regular updates on progress and SEO managers that are available when you need them. We make it easy to understand how your SEO is going and get the value you deserve.

Still not convinced? Request a 360degree SEO audit today and discuss your needs with one of our SEO managers today. We can help you work out what it is you need and what you can achieve with SEO, as well as figure out which activities are going to see you the biggest return on your investment!

How can you guarantee a return on investment?

From the start, we make it very clear the goals we’re setting out for. it keeps us focused, makes sure we’re working towards the things that are going to make you money, and all but guarantees you see a return on your investment. If we reach the end of your initial campaign length and haven’t achieved the goals we set out for, we’ll keep working for free until we do!

When it comes to actually achieving results, it’s our custom SEO strategies that let us get there. We pride ourselves on being able to find the activities that will get you the best results and make the best use of your money. We change our strategies based on your existing circumstances and the kind of results we’re aiming for. With fine targeting and smart strategies, we can challenge the biggest names in the industry and give you an edge no matter what you’re selling. Using the way search engine optimisation works against it, we can see exactly what your competitors are doing in a space or for a keyword and then do what they’re doing, but better. It’s an almost guaranteed way to get the results you’re looking for. Of course, this works both ways, and over time you will need to put in the effort to stay competitive. But with the right knowledge, a solid foundation and a good SEO agency behind you, competing online becomes simple.

The best thing? Even if you do stop doing SEO and your rankings fall, you’ll get to keep the high-quality content and conversion optimisation we put in place. If your customers are finding you through other channels, you’ll keep getting some results. With Xugar you’re always guaranteed to get value for your money!

Do you work with big or small companies?

 We work with companies of all sizes across a wide range of different industries. Our team can identify gaps in your digital marketing and areas where your website can be improved, then create strategies to target those problems and improve them! Search engine optimisation is a process that businesses in any stage should do if they want continuous improvement for their company. It’s long term and comprehensive, but will ensure you get better results the longer you do it for.

The good thing about SEO Gold Coast is that the strategies we create will always be useful and relevant regardless of the size of the business or website. All we have to do is tailor them to your needs and scale them up. If you’re looking to reach new markets or new locations with your services, we can change your strategy to match those goals. Alternatively, target numbers like users, conversions, sales and more and we can ensure your Gold Coast SEO campaign is working towards those goals. While there is only a set amount of time in a day, we can put our efforts into achieving the things that are going to make you the most money and see a high return on investment.

These rules don’t change by the type of business either. While service providers (like plumbers or accountants) and eCommerce businesses will need vastly different strategies, once we’ve devised a strategy we can scale it to match the size of your business or increase the scope as your business grows! So whether you’re a startup, a small-time business, a big company or anything in between, we can tailor our strategy to your needs!

Depending on your goals and the state of your website, we may suggest taking on activities outside of SEO Gold Coast. Many larger businesses will see their Gold Coast SEO efforts multiplied with offline action as well, such as advertising and marketing. As a general rule, the larger the website the more it takes to move it. With good Gold Coast Search engine optimisation fundamentals, a website will see far more growth when engaging in a number of digital marketing activities. More people talking about your business both online and offline means better indicators and greater long term growth. If you’re interested in learning more about our other digital marketing services, talk to our team today.

Talk to us!

We’re all about giving you the support you and your business need to flourish online. 

For advice on how to get your business growing, and want to get started creating a seriously good eCommerce web presence, talk to our growth specialists today. We’re experts when it comes to increasing sales and maximising your ROI.

Related Locations

We offer SEO Services throughout Australia and even globally! Find a Xugar SEO expert near you and get started today!








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