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With big data and big results ready to go, Xugar is Canberra’s leading SEO agency. We leverage advanced SEO strategies to take Google head-on, optimising your website and taking out the competition. With your best interests at the core of everything we do, we’re able to create comprehensive SEO campaigns that achieve real-world results for your business.

Ready to get started? Claim your FREE 360° SEO audit today and get a comprehensive analysis of your website.

We're Well Recognized within Australia & Overseas

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Tailored SEO Campaigns

We work with you and your business!

Partner with Xugar to plan a comprehensive SEO campaign tailored to your needs. Our team use the latest in SEO techniques and strategies to ensure your site is ready to take on Google. With custom solutions and full transparency, you’ll be able to see results as they happen. Our campaigns are designed to meet your goals from the start. In your initial meeting with us, we work out exactly what you’re looking to achieve and discuss what we’ll be doing for the campaign.

From the start, we’re committed to making your business grow. Using highly targeted keywords we put your business in front of the people that matter; real, paying customers. While more traffic and clicks are nice, you need to be converting that traffic into solid leads. And we’re here to make it happen.

Our 360° SEO campaigns cover every part of your customer’s journey through your website.

Hit the Top of the Rankings

Until you’re in that coveted first-page position, you’re not going to see results. Those are the facts. Thankfully, over the years we’ve seen the best and the worst of SEO. We know exactly what works and what doesn’t and we use this knowledge to launch you to the top of the rankings. We aim for keywords that make sense, ones that are going to see you get the best possible results and drive the right kind of traffic to your site.

Impressive Web Design

What many agencies won’t tell you is that hitting page one is only half the battle. Without an optimised website your customers might take one look and head right off again! Our technicians go over your website with eagle eyes to make sure there’s nothing on-page or off-page that’s going to damage your chance at a sale. We optimise images, improve load time, use SEO-friendly fonts, make sure your site is mobile-ready, and mobile SEO.

Content for Conversions

The final piece of the puzzle is killer SEO optimised copy and content. Engaging headlines combined with SEO friendly, conversion-focused content tells your customers exactly what they need to hear before they buy! We embed your USP into each and every page, and can even expand your campaign into blog outreach for a truly complete content strategy. We can also do Google ads and social media content.

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Get SEO That Delivers Real Results From Start to Finish

We're Masters of Our Craft

With some of Australia’s leading SEO experts on board, you can expect the best. We’ve spent years testing and trialling different strategies and know exactly how to get your website to the top. Our cutting-edge techniques perfect your on-page and off-page SEO to please Google’s algorithms and give you the results you’re looking for.

We account for more than 200 constantly changing ranking factors, working hard to keep you at the top. We’re constantly optimising and improving the quality of your campaign and reaching for greater heights, whether that’s better rankings, higher conversion rates or better leads. We’ve made it our business to make your business grow with SEO.

Real Results in Real-Time.

Getting results with SEO takes time, but with it you can see greater ROI than almost anything else. We work closely with you to set goals from the start and set tangible results in our sights. Think more qualified leads, conversions, and stronger engagement, rather than simple clicks, impressions, and dwell time. Whatever metrics are going to help you make money, we focus on reaching.

If you’re serious about succeeding, we are too! As your partner in SEO, we work closely with you to make sure we’re heading in the right direction and you’re happy with each and every part of your campaign. With our transparent in-house reporting system and regular updates, you can see how your campaign is tracking in real-time. No more uncertainty or empty promises.

Advanced Strategies for Serious Results

With your initial 360 degree SEO Audit, we can see exactly what’s happening with your website and target the areas you’re lacking in directly. Using the latest SEO techniques we can target those areas to produce exceptional increases in leads and conversions. You get tailored versions of the same strategies we used to help one client achieve a 413% increase in leads and another achieve a 495% increase in orders!

There’s a reason why SEO is the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy on the market today. It’s the only strategy that targets what your competitors are doing online directly and aims to beat them in each and every aspect. You don’t have to be an SEO expert anymore just to compete. We’re here to get you the results you need to grow fast!

Our SEO Services

As a leading digital marketing agency, Xugar offers a range of SEO services.

Local SEO

Local SEO is what helps small businesses compete online, by targeting ready to buy customers in your area. Dominate your local search listings with our Local SEO Services and location-based SEO!

Google My Business Optimisation

If you operate local, Google My Business optimisation is essential. Xugar can help you hit the top of the map listings and attract more local customers to your business.

eCommerce SEO

Hit new highs and smash revenue targets with a custom eCommerce SEO strategy. With eCommerce SEO experts on board, we can grow your online business and attract the right customers.

National SEO

For companies already operating on a national level or businesses looking to take that next big step, National SEO is the strategy for you. Reach new horizons, and customers, with Xugar’s National SEO.

Why Work With Xugar?

We work with you and your business!

SEO isn’t a one and done process. It’s an ongoing process that needs you to be involved just as much as we are. We can optimise your website, but when it comes down to it you need to run your business! If you’re committed to growing, we’ll be there with you every step of the way, with tips on how to do better marketing campaigns, generate more leads and attract new customers all year round.

Still not convinced? You should call Xugar if you’re:

Looking for an SEO agency you can trust

Our transparent reporting processes and dedication to quality lets you see right through to what matters. If you have questions about what we’re working on or need help with something on your website our team is more than happy to help you out. Good partnerships demand great communication. With Xugar on your team, you can be sure you’re on the right path.

Tired of wasting time and money

You can rely on Xugar to deliver. From the moment you call we get to work, analysing your website and taking steps to reach your goals. If something isn’t going to plan, you can be sure we’re already working to fix it. And when things go right, you’re the first to know! No excuses, lies or wild goose chases. We’re committed to giving you the best possible return on your investment.

Worried about wasting money on empty promises

We’re working on your campaign from day one to ensure you get the results you’re paying for. Some agencies will happily take your money for the bare minimum. With Xugar, you get clearly defined goals and outlines of the steps we’re taking to reach them. And if we can’t deliver the result we promised at the start in time, we’ll work for FREE until we do!

Ready to get started

Call us now! Digital marketing can be intimidating to work with, and sometimes it feels like you’re drowning in the noise. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. Our team will support you throughout your campaign, working to achieve results that will grow your business. If you’re ready to put in the effort and grow your business fast, you can rely on us to be there when you need us most.


Xugar is powered by our clients and driven by their success. Here’s what they have to say about our services!

Xugar has been an absolute pleasure to deal with from the get-go. From website development to SEO migration, the team have been professional and responsive throughout the whole process. Being in the health industry, I am completely unfamiliar with how websites and smart SEO campaigns can be used to increase ROI but everyone has been amazing to deal with and have helped me understand the potential, one step at a time.

— Gavin Yang

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I have been working with Xugar for over a year now, and recently the enquiries for new swimming lessons has been the best in our entire 25-year history of running our business. This was also predicted by Xugar. They have been a star to deal with, and their guidance and direction has been second to none!! Thanks Xugar!

— John Sugden

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We have been working with Xugar for our SEO and Google Ads services and we are extremely happy with what they provide. The whole team are very professional and responsive. Not only do they respond to our requests in a timely manner, they always go above and beyond to make sure we are looked after. Would highly recommend to anyone who’s looking to start SEO and other web services.

— Allie

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The team at Xugar are brilliant. They care about “you” and your “business”. The team have helped me navigate my way through the SEO wilderness and have also have delivered an amazing custom WordPress website, unlike anyone else has out there in my area of trade. Their greatest asset is that I can pick up the phone to get help or advice and they deliver.

— Brent Parker Jones

brent parker jones logo

Can’t speak highly about this company! What a wonderful and professional service provided, especially during the Covid Pandemic.

— Marisha Theeboom

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The team at Xugar are incredibly honest, helpful and very professional. I am very happy with their service and the way they have helped my business grow.

— Tracey Dordevic

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Case Studies

Many of our clients have achieved incredible results. Check out the facts and figures and see for yourself!
Good Talent

Good Talent

A complete website and brand image redesign saw Good Talent Media grow fast in brand new ways.

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Accord Air

Accord Air

Xugar worked with Accord Air to bring their website into the modern digital age. Learn how we did it!

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Flash Trend

Flash Trend

Learn how technical SEO boosted conversions and revenue fast for eCommerce retailer Flash Trend.

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Got questions? We’ve got the answers. Here are the most common questions our clients ask us. Hungry for more? Shoot us a message today and we’ll be able to help you out!

How much does SEO Cost?

If you’re just starting with SEO, you can expect to pay anywhere from hundreds to thousands. The cost of SEO can depend on a wide range of things, such as the amount of optimisation your website needs, whether you’ve had any SEO work done on it before, the difficulty of the keywords you’re trying to rank for and more. When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, every business and every website is unique. We tailor all our SEO campaigns to our clients needs, creating comprehensive strategies geared towards reaching your goals. 

If you’re trying to work out how much to pay for SEO, the most important thing is to know you’re getting real results. Paying for the cheapest SEO plan might seem like a good idea, but when it comes down to it you’re paying for your agency’s time. Paying the bare minimum will get you the bare minimum of work and it can take years for you to see any results with SEO. 

On the other hand, paying too much can also be a problem. Unless you’re a large corporation, paying tens of thousands of dollars for SEO can be unnecessary. Of course, large SEO campaigns can often cost that much. The best way to get the most for your money is to make sure you can see what your SEO agency is doing. Clear goals set out from the start, clear objectives, KPIs and tasks, and tracking your ROI can help you see the value of your SEO and work out how much you should be paying. 

Most SEO agencies charge between $500 and $1000 a month for a basic plan where they will help your website rank for a number of keywords. You should expect to pay for SEO for a minimum of 3 months if you haven’t done SEO before. 

Have you worked with similar businesses in my industry?

Xugar has worked with businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries. We work closely with our clients to understand their markets and industries and create tailored SEO campaigns that work towards their goals. Understanding your customers, target market, and the quirks of your industry helps us achieve better overall results. 

No matter what industry you’re operating in, there’s a good chance we’ve worked with a business in your industry or a similar one. No matter what your goals are, we can help you reach them and grow your business using SEO

One of the best things about SEO is the fact that you don’t need to have a comprehensive understanding of a specific industry to succeed. While it helps, it’s important to remember that with SEO you’re competing online. The competitors you face online may be different from your usual competition, as you’re competing with everyone targeting your specific keywords. Google gives you a level playing field to compete and as long as you’re building your website’s reputation and working on SEO you can compete. 

Through an initial 360 degree SEO audit at the start of your campaign, we can get a much better understanding of your industry and your business. This lets us tailor our SEO activities closer to your business and your goals, picking the best and most relevant keywords and achieving better results. We can also use the information we get to identify opportunities for growth, such as targeting new markets with specific keywords and giving you insight into what your competitors are doing online. With more information and insight into your industry, we can help you get the best results out of your SEO campaign. 

How long have you been offering SEO?

Since 2017 Xugar has been providing SEO for businesses throughout Canberra and Australia. But while we’ve only been around for a few years, our SEO experts have years of experience in digital marketing, PPC, content and copywriting and more. We’ve developed our skills over the years and fine tuned them to be able to provide comprehensive SEO services for all our clients. With our expertise we can provide you with the results you’re looking for and help you grow your business online. And we’re only getting better with time!

We’re constantly growing, bringing on new talent and experience to provide better and better services for our clients. Our strategies are built around the philosophy of long term growth, ensuring that as we improve our services and grow as a business, our clients do as well. With both short term and long term goals you can bet we’re working hard to make sure you get the results you’re looking for now and in the future. 

We’re not just talk either! Our efforts have been recognised in our client’s success as well as in the news and media. Xugar and our clients have been featured on local and national news, with appearances on 9 News, Daily Mail, Forbes, Herald Sun, SBS, The Australian and more. If you’re looking for a digital marketing partner with experience that can help you in the future as you grow, Xugar is for you. 

How long does SEO take to start working?

Unfortunately, there’s no solid answer to this question. As SEO changes dramatically depending on a huge number of factors surrounding your business and website, it can take anywhere from a month to a year, or more. SEO activities will start having an effect on your website immediately, but it may be a while before you start seeing results. 

If your website or URL has a history of negative SEO, such as bad backlinks, a messy structure, slow or bad hosting or similar, SEO can take longer than usual to start working. Our team will always inform you if this is the case and create a strategy to deal with this and get you results. 

Most of our clients see results in an average of 3-6 months. Anything less than this is asking for trouble, as a fresh website and domain going up the rankings so fast is often unnatural. Black hat SEO can get you these results fast, but it all comes tumbling down when Google finds out and penalises you. It can take months, or even years to repair the damage done by black hat SEO techniques. 

We work hard for our success, aiming for long term, sustainable growth over short term SEO boosts. If someone promises you results in less than 3 months, it’s time to get out of there and save your money. We recommend all our clients sign up for a minimum of 12 months, as this will give you the best chance of getting the huge results many of our clients have already seen.

How much time will you spend actively working on my Campaign?

We spend as much time as we can working on our client’s campaigns. Of course, while we’d love to spend all our time on every client, there are a limited number of hours in a day. By setting up a solid strategy at the start of your campaign we can work out what Search Engine Optimisation activities are going to get you the best results in the time we have. This way the results you get aren’t entirely dictated by the amount you’re paying. 

SEO is pretty flexible in the kinds of activities we can undertake to get results. With our experience, your knowledge of your business and industry, and a little bit of creativity we can work out which areas to put our efforts in and tailor our strategies according to that. 

We’re honest and open with all our clients from the start. If we can’t do something with the scope of your campaign, or can’t afford to spend time on something within your budget, we’ll tell you. This way you can work out whether you want to put more in and can be sure your money is going to get you results. Usually, if something is outside the scope of your campaign but not going to take much for us to do, we’ll do it for you. This is a partnership after all, and making sure you get the best is our top priority!

Where did the name Xugar come from?

Xugar comes from Sugar, but with a bit of our own flair thrown in for good measure. We started Xugar on four pillars that became our foundation; Technology, Marketing, People, and Businesses. Each one plays an important role in how we design our services and how we operate, intersecting to create Xugar as you see us today. At the center of this intersection, the X, is you and your business. We take into account marketing activities, use the latest technology, work out who we’re marketing to, and look at businesses you’re competing with and working with to create comprehensive digital marketing strategies that will give you incredible results. 

We designed this strategy as a result of the industry as a whole. When Xugar was first started, many SEO agencies were taking a “churn and burn” approach to SEO. This involved signing new clients as fast as possible, doing the bare minimum of work and then abandoning them. While it made a few people a lot of money, it destroyed the reputation of the SEO industry in Australia. We set out to change that, working on SEO strategies that focused on long-term, sustainable growth and results. 

One thing that made a huge difference was transparency. We took what used to be secretive SEO techniques and made them public, as well as the results we were achieving with them. With our reporting system our clients could see the work we were doing and what effect it was having on their website and business, something a lot of our competitors weren’t doing. Keeping the four pillars of our X at the core of all our campaigns lets us make sure we’re targeting what’s really important. It’s this philosophy we want to see spread throughout the SEO and digital marketing industry.

What makes Xugar different from other agencies?

While we do offer the option for shorter campaigns, all our work is focused on achieving long-term results. By tailoring our campaigns and strategies to our clients needs we can work out what is going to get them the best results in the long term, even if they choose to leave Xugar. 

These days, websites need to be made for people first. While hitting the top of the search rankings is the goal, if your website doesn’t appeal to your users you’re not going to get the best results. Our SEO optimisation covers every aspect of your website, from the user experience and visuals to the things in the backend no one sees. Everything comes together to create a complete experience for both users and search engines. 

All our campaigns start with a complete audit of your website, your competition, current performance, industry trends and more. This way we can see what you’re doing well and areas that need to be improved on in order to grow. We aim to make the most of your money and deliver the best possible ROI, which means allocating our time to the activities that are going to see you get the best results in the long term. Things like UX, site speed optimisation, great content and more will all stay with your website forever, helping you convert more customers and create a better overall experience. 

Finally, to make sure you’re really getting the results you’re paying for, we provide you with regular updates as well as access to our reporting and data system. This way, you can see exactly what we’re doing and the effect it has on your website. We’re here to help and provide you with the information you need to understand SEO, your website, and digital marketing as a whole. 

If you have questions about your website or need some work done online, our team is always available to help. We can assist with any problems you’re having with your website or anything online and give you the support you need to succeed. Talk to our team today for more information and we’ll show you the difference Xugar can really make for your business. And if you’re still not convinced, request a free 360degree SEO audit and see for yourself!

How can you guarantee a return on investment?

Setting out clear goals and objectives from the start that have real implications for your business are the best way to achieve results. This way we know what we’re working towards and you can be sure you’re going to be able to grow your business with the work we’re doing. 

Of course, we can’t always guarantee results in a specific amount of time. While we average about 3 months to start seeing results, some of our clients take longer depending on their circumstances, the keywords we’re trying to rank for, the industry and a wide range of other factors. Designing our strategies like this gives us the best chance at achieving real, tangible results for you. They will give you an edge against your competition and make sure you see results eventually, but time is the key factor here. 

The best thing about our strategies is that you will continue to get results well into the future. With proper optimisation, great content, backlinks, internal linking and a wide range of other SEO activities you can be sure the work we do for you will continue generating results for a long time to come. 

In the rare event we can’t reach the goals set out at the start in time, we’ll continue working for you for free. No questions asked. That’s our guarantee to you. For more information on our results guarantee, talk to our team today.

Do you work with big or small companies?

Xugar works with everyone, from small local businesses to large, national and even global companies. If you’re willing to put the effort in to grow your business then we are too. We’ll work by your side to help you achieve your goals and create intelligent strategies to get there. While earlier is always better, SEO is a strategy that will give you results no matter what stage your business is at. It’s a long term activity that will only get better as your business grows. 

Our techniques are designed to be easily customisable to suit each of our client’s unique needs. No matter what size your business or website is, we can create a strategy that scales to your size and grows as you grow. Whether your goal is to reach more potential customers on Google, improve your website conversion rate, or break into a new target market, our SEO strategies can help you do it. 

Depending on your goals we might suggest additional digital marketing activities to help yoru business grow faster. Combining SEO with SEM, PPC, or even physical marketing activities such as advertising in newspapers, billboards and similar can see a huge boost to your SEO if done correctly. We work with you to identify these opportunities and make sure you’re getting the most out of your SEO. If you’re interested in learning more about our other services, including social media marketing and PPC advertising, talk to our team today.

Talk to us!

We’re all about giving you the support you and your business need to flourish online. 

For advice on how to get your business growing, and want to get started creating a seriously good eCommerce web presence, talk to our growth specialists today. We’re experts when it comes to increasing sales and maximising your ROI.

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