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We promise not to send you spam and keep your data safe!


We promise not to send you spam and keep your data safe!


We promise not to send you spam and keep your data safe!


We promise not to send you spam and keep your data safe!

Shopify E-commerce Development - Grow Your Online Store

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Whether you are a start-up looking to sell from your garage or a busy retail store ready to move online, Shopify development is your answer. Using Shopify, it’s easy to set up and manage an online store that is reliable, secure, scalable and mobile-friendly. It’s the eCommerce platform of choice for drop-shippers and some of the biggest retail brands in Australia. There is a reason why over 600,000 retailers use Shopify daily across the globe. Shopify is regarded as one of the easiest eCommerce platforms to run, use and update. It’s a fully hosted, unlimited solution at your disposal. Kickstart your store now, and start selling online within days!


Get the full package with Xugar!

At Xugar we provide solutions for clients large and small. We provide custom Shopify design and development services using its full featured framework. From concept to completion, we focus on your users and what strategies will best resonate with them. At a basic level your eCommerce store is a business, and every business needs a consistent flow of cash to keep the doors open. 

After your site is built, we also provide full training on how to use your Shopify store and get to selling in no time. We also provide post sales support for times when you want to scale. While you have your business to run, it is good to have someone who can guide and support you when you are in need. Speak to us about our Shopify Web Design and support packages today.



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And these are just naming a handful!


We help you increase client retention and screen time encouraging more users and higher interaction rates. By targeting your specific audience using array of digital marketing channels, we drive consistent flow of new users to your apps. Furthermore, by focusing on Return-On-Investment, we help you create a strong digital presence that in turn helps you build advocacy and new following.


Shopify has various advantages which can be leveraged by businesses based in Melbourne to stand out amongst the competitors. Some of these advantages are user-friendly interface, robust features, scalability, and the wide range of plugins. For businesses based in Melbourne - its easier, cost effective and less maintenance needed option to run the business because Shopify doesn’t require constant technical development (coding).

Shopify and WooCommerce cater to different e-commerce needs. Shopify is a hosted solution, which means it handles hosting, security, and upgrades for you, making it ideal for customers who are interested in easy setup.

On the other hand, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows more control over your store but requires self-hosting and technicalities, which means you would need to get a hosting server and also need to make sure underlying technical details of how pages are built while in case of Shopify it's just drag and drop to create pages

In summary - WooCommerce offers more control compared to Shopify.

In terms of which one you should be using for your business, we recommend you to get in touch with our Melbourne based team to discuss the scope of development that you are looking for.

We can discuss things like what are your priorities, functionality, design that you want to have for your site and according to that our experts can offer data based recommendations - if you should be using Shopify or WooCommerce for your business site.

In case you have already made a decision for developing your site using WooCommerce, then we can discuss the scope of the project with you and give you a quote on how much it will cost and what the timelines for going live will be.

Our team of Developers is based locally and as Melbourne SEO Agency - once your site is live we can help you to grow its ranking in Google and get you highly relevant organic traffic, growing your business.

Shopify offers you total control over how your shop looks as well as its functionality. You can use third-party apps to add what you want or select among many customisable themes, including built-in ones, from Shopify itself, depending on what works best for you.

Our experts will help you through this development process and make sure that your website reflects your brand design & values.

And to highlight specific brand design elements and help you stand out amongst the competition, we also offer custom Shopify theme development which means we can develop a Shopify site however you like it to be. 

Because with regular themes in Shopify there is only limited opportunity to change that’s why if you're looking to stand out from competition, we recommend going with custom theme development for your Shopify site.

Which means branding colours (in header, footer or some other section of site), interactive elements, call to actions (CTA) will be exactly what you're looking for - detailed customisation of site to meet your requirements which otherwise is not possible by using a regular theme in Shopify.

Our unique Shopify Development process involves interactive feedback during each step of development you can provide us feedback and we will make changes on site accordingly. Our goal is to keep you in loop so that we can align the final design to what you exactly are looking for and help your business stand out & grow as well!

Yes, we can - accepting payments from customers in Australia by integrating popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Afterpay, among others.

Additionally, our services also cover linking your shop directly with some of the leading shipping companies so that order fulfilment and delivery processes are both seamless, scalable and easier when dealing with Australian customers.

Yes, our experts will offer you personalised suggestions and steer your choice towards the most suitable app or plugin for your Shopify store.

We will assist you to set up processes or tools for marketing, sending emails, customer care, keeping track of stocks or any other specific functionality that you want to have in your Shopify store.

Below is the standard marketing plugins that we will setup in your store (of course you can ask to add some other specific plugin which is not in this list)

Email Marketing - Shopify Email, Klaviyo

SEO Tools - SEO Manager

Social Media Marketing - Facebook & Instagram, Hootsuite

Advertising and Retargeting - Facebook Ads, Retarget by AdRoll

Content Marketing - Blogs by Shopify

Custom Loyalty and Engagement - LoyaltyLion

Analytics - Shopify Analytics, Google Analytics

Conversion Optimisation - Conversion Plus, Optimonk

Also we (Xugar) are a full service digital marketing agency which means we can help you to do email marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing as well. That’s what is needed to grow your business once your Shopify site is live - but in case you're looking to quickly get your site in front of the eyes of potential customers, we recommend running ads and to make a decision about which one - Google, Facebook or TikTok Ads.

Reach out to our experts and based upon different data points like what’s current market scenario, what your competitors are doing - our experts can offer recommendations which can work best for you and help you achieve your business goals.

Book a free discovery session now!

Yes! We have extensive experience setting up Shopify stores with multi-currency and multi-language capabilities to cater for international audiences and including those in Australia. We can help you set up stores that can be different currencies, localised languages so that you can provide seamless shopping experience to people from all parts of the world.

We not only can handle technical development to smoothly run a Shopify store across different countries, our experience as an SEO Agency in Melbourne we can help your site to be more visible & discoverable on Google across different countries, we have done same for businesses based in Australia and get them visibility across different countries.

We can ensure that Technical SEO setup of your website is done as it should be so as to ensure that your site don’t face one of the most common SEO issue that usually happen with large global sites - a page created for Australian audience is showing up in USA and one for American audience is showing up in Australia - when people from respective countries are looking for your product or service.

That's where our expertise comes in, helping you business to be visible across different countries and making sure that right pages are getting shown to right audience.

Of course! Our team is familiar with the rules governing Australia’s e-commerce sites. We can make sure everything goes well with your store and that it complies with related laws. This involves things like GST calculation functionalities plus privacy policies or terms of service, among other legal issues applicable in Australia only.

Indeed, we have optimised many Shopify stores for businesses based in Melbourne. We conduct market research, implemented localised SEO strategies, and tailored UX to fit Melbourne customer preferences and expectations.

We know what makes the Melbourne market unique and can help you position your Shopify store appropriately in this area and show up on top of Google's Search Results, also we're based in an SEO Agency in Melbourne based in Southbank and our employees live in different suburbs of Melbourne therefore having thorough understanding of market and user behaviour even at local suburb level.

Our extensive understanding of Melbourne market and local audience enables us to optimise your Shopify store to stand out amongst competitors and catch eyes of Melburnians online.

We have professional SEO experts who can create and execute data driven search engine optimisation plan for your Shopify store targeting users around the Melbourne region, thereby increasing your store’s visibility and thus helping you get more traffic from Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

As SEO Agency Melbourne our plan to grow your Shopify store and attract more customers includes conducting keyword research, optimising on-page content, developing quality content, and ensuring constant monitoring while making adjustments to ensure that the search engine results rank your store for local searches.

Yes. Our team is based locally in Melbourne and you can visit our office by booking an appointment. We’re located at Level G/99 Coventry St, Southbank VIC 3006 which is easily accessible by public transport - just take Tram Number 1 from Finder Street Station and get off at 20-Kings Way/Sturt St, we are located just at the corner building there. Visiting our office by car is also easy because of Kings Way which is just off the Coventry Street.

Book an appointment to visit our office to discuss your Shopify project.

Yes! We have comprehensive support services which includes regular updates, security monitoring, troubleshooting, and performance optimisation to ensure that your shop remains safe, updated with current technology, and runs perfectly all the time.

Absolutely! Our SEO team has migrated websites to Shopify from various platforms, including Sanity (a Headless CMS) and WooCommerce, among others. We can help you do a smooth migration to Shopify therefore ensuring that you don't loose any visibility or ranking in Google's Search Results during the process of migration or after its done.


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We promise not to send you spam and keep your data safe!


We promise not to send you spam and keep your data safe!


We promise not to send you spam and keep your data safe!


We promise not to send you spam and keep your data safe!

We promise not to send you spam and keep your data safe!

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We still promise not to send you spam and keep your data safe!
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