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We promise not to send you spam and keep your data safe!


We promise not to send you spam and keep your data safe!


We promise not to send you spam and keep your data safe!


We promise not to send you spam and keep your data safe!

WooCommerce Development Services

WooCommerce Development

Create robust online stores with your new or existing WordPress website.

WooCommerce is an industry standard eCommerce platform that plugs right into Wordpress content management systems. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS all over the globe. WooCommerce makes it stronger and allows you to create robust eCommerce stores. Whether you are selling physical or digital goods, WooCommerce lets you create user focused shopping platforms accessible across all devices.

If you already have a WordPress site, you can extend its functionality by using WooCommerce eCommerce, or create an entirely new eCommerce store that meets your custom requirements from the ground up. Our proven eCommerce development methodology will ensure you get the best eCommerce store to sell your goods or services from.


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The expenses involved in building a WooCommerce store depends upon several elements, such as design development, monthly maintenance, and ongoing hosting fees.

Our clear-cut pricing policy ensures that you know exactly what you have to pay without any hidden charges. Which means as soon as you make the decision to get a WooCommerce store built by Xugar - our Head of Web Production will share exact numbers with you so that you don’t need to worry about any hidden charges.

Besides, we can also offer customised options or additional features If you require. An example of this can be - you got your WooCommerce store built by Xugar in April 2024 but in Dec 2024 you want to do some specific customisations on pages to run some Christmas specific sales offers.

To do this kind of customisation, we can offer you an unique one-off quote, that means you pay for just specific customisation. That’s why by choosing Xugar to build your WooCommerce store, you are choosing a long term partner in your business - who will always be there on your side to help you grow your business.

The timeline for developing a custom WooCommerce website depends on project scope and complexity. Usually, this ranges from 6–8 weeks considering design, development, testing, and launching phases.

However, our dedicated team ensures efficient project management in order to deliver within the agreed time frame. But again it all depends upon factors like design elements or specific functionality that you want to have on your site. The best way to get a specific timeline and get to know more about our process, we recommend that you book a discovery session with our strategists and discuss your requirements.

Then internally our strategist will have a discussion with our Head of Web Production and will come back to you with a unique plan which of course will have specific timelines on how long exactly it will take to go from first engagement with Xugar to launch of your WooCommerce website.

Xugar specialises in local SEO our data-driven strategy specially designed to improve the visibility of WooCommerce shops among local customers in Melbourne.

This unique strategy includes the optimisation of web pages, optimisation of Google Business Profile (GBP) and creating specific blog content on your WooCommerce site which appeals to either the whole Melbourne or perhaps some specific suburbs like Richmond or Toorak - It just depends upon your priorities & which demographic of Melbourne you want to appeal to and we as Melbourne SEO Agency are here to help you get in front of your potential customers.

The main purpose of this data-driven Local SEO strategy is to help your WooCommerce store get high rankings on search engines like Google and bring in more local customers.

After launching your WooCommerce site - Xugar offers full technical support so that your WooCommerce site remains safe from hacking, always updated, optimised for performance and making sure that all integrations keep on working as expected.

Our dedicated team will solve all technical problems related to different issues and implement required solutions while providing continuous on-going maintenance support.

Not only continuous support for maintenance of your WooCommerce site, we offer support to help your sales grow by doing Search Engine Optimisation or running Google Ads in case you're looking for immediate new revenue for your business.

We’re proud to be a full service digital marketing agency, providing end to end business growth solutions. That’s why hundreds of businesses in Australia have chosen us to get their WooCommerce site built. Because it's not only about getting a site live - it's also about growing it over time and becoming a brand, which of course require different digital marketing services.

Xugar’s team understands Australian compliance laws and policies governing eCommerce businesses.

There are many compliance and regulation laws in Australia to which any eCommerce store operating in Australia must comply with.

Below is a brief summary of what these regulations are:

eCommerce websites must comply with the Electronic Transactions Act 1999 by ensuring all digital communications are legally valid. They must adhere to the Australian Consumer Law by providing accurate product descriptions, consumer guarantees, and remedies for faulty products, while avoiding misleading advertising. The Spam Act 2003 mandates obtaining recipient consent before sending marketing messages, including clear sender identification and an unsubscribe option. Under the Privacy Act 1988, businesses need robust data protection measures to secure personal information. Additionally, eCommerce operations should be accessible to all, including people with disabilities, and ensure that pricing and terms are transparently communicated to consumers.

We at Xugar can help you to only comply with the website related laws, like we can help make your pages easily accessible for people with disabilities. But to understand the full breadth of these laws and what all you need to be doing for full compliance, we recommend you to consult a lawyer.

Yes, we specialise in seamless integration of WooCommerce with existing systems such as Customer Relations Management (CRM) software, accounting platforms, and inventory management systems, among others.

We will help you to build the smooth workflow automation that leads to better operations and increased efficiency within your business because as a full-service digital marketing agency we understand how important it is to have seamless internal business processes to deliver an amazing customer experience which of course is one of the most important factor in building a brand that is known and well-recognised.

We - Xugar - ourselves focus on delivering an amazing client experience and that’s what we help our clients to focus on as well by providing a range of digital marketing services.

Again coming back to integration of WooCommerce with CRM, we can help you to do this integration with well known platforms like Salesforce Customer 360, HubSpot CRM, Pipedrive and others.

And we can help to integrate different accounting softwares like Xero, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, MYOB or any other platform that you're using to manage your accounting.

All you need to do is to just reach out to us and book a discovery session which of course is free - Book Now.

Yes, we can integrate your WooCommerce online shop with Melbourne-specific shipping providers and payment gateways.

For example, if you want to work with Australia Post for delivery and SecurePay or eWay as a payment gateway, then we have specific technical experts who will ensure that all transactions run smoothly from processing until fulfilment.

Helping you to both ensure that products being purchased from your WooCommerce store are getting delivered to customers on time and payments made by customers are smoothly coming to your bank account as well.

Xugar, being a full service digital marketing agency with years of experience in serving businesses, has an in-depth understanding of the unique needs and challenges of Melbourne businesses.

Thus, as we develop your WooCommerce store, our expertise of understanding Melbourne businesses marketing needs and current competition landscape backed up by our digital marketing expertise we create customised solutions that speak to your target group and help your business to stand out with unique design amongst the competitors in the Melbourne market.

Thereby generating concrete results.

WooCommerce has various advantages that are customised for Melbourne firms. Its flexibility in terms of easily changing design and layout of pages will enable you to adapt it easily to match your brand’s unique identity or other specifications or customisations that you want to do on your pages like having some specific type of accordion or interactive functionality.

We at Xugar make sure that your WooCommerce website is seamlessly developed and delivered, allowing your business to get started with online sales for Melbourne and make your Melbourne or Australia wide customers happy.

It would be great if we could meet you at our office in Melbourne for an in-depth discussion of your WooCommerce project. Our experts will work alongside you until we understand what you need and respond to any concerns that may have been confusing you.

Rest assured, we will create a solution that fits exactly into your business goals and demands, also we can have discussion about SEO as well - which is something that you should look into to grow your business once your WooCommerce website development is done & launched.

We as an SEO agency in Melbourne are always here to help grow your WooCommerce website and get you more visitors.

Yes of course, we would love to have you at our office which is based in Southbank on Coventry Street at Level G/99. Also getting there is super easy both by public transport and by road because it's just off the Kings Ways.

If you will be coming to our office by public transport then just off at Flinder Street Station after that head over to tram stop Federation Square/Swanston St which is located on Swanston Street just next to Federation Square. From that tram stop take Tram Number 1 - South Melbourne Beach and within 10 to 15 minutes it will get you to 20-Kings Way/Sturt St (Southbank) - Get off at this stop.

Then cross over to Coventry Street and look for 99 Coventry Street (just at the corner of this and Kings Way road) - at this address we are located on the ground floor.

Booking in some time to come over to our Melbourne office to discuss scope of your WooCommerce Project - Book Now.


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