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A consistent marketing message across all forms of social media can boost sales, conversions and brand image. Turbocharge your media channels with a customised campaign to increase sales & brand awareness.

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Social Media Marketing Agency

We believe in data & driven by success

Shout your name across the world with a targeted social media marketing campaign. Get likes and shares with a ‘main course’ of leads and sales.
Social media these days has turned into a giant contest of who can look the best. It’s a cut-throat world of clickbait, influencers and classic misdirection, and trying to compete without knowing the tricks can just become one giant exercise in disappointment. Rise above the rabble with an expert made social media marketing campaign.
Likes and shares are nice, but without direction, they’re nothing more than vanity. Social advertising needs to not just create engagement, but convert. At Xugar, as your social media marketing agency, we understand every business and industry is different. We can tailor a unique campaign to suit your goals. Focus on engagement and explode your social sphere. Or design your campaign to draw more leads, and create paying customers. We’ll work with you from start to finish, optimising as we go to reach your goals.

Skyrocket Your Sales

With Social Media Marketing

Reach New Markets

Sail the high seas of the internet and discover new markets. When you take advantage of Facebook and Instagram’s powerful niche segmentation tools, you can dominate the market with in-depth customer insights. We can help you create a campaign that hits the heart of your market, targeting not just by age, location and gender, but interests, liked posts, pages, and engagements as well. We use the tools available to shape and grow your brand image, and fine-tune your strategies.

Increase Brand Awareness

Build your brand online and grow fast in the eyes of your target market. Construct your campaign to take advantage of the latest viral trends and spread your brand image far and wide, burning it into the minds of your customers. With our awesome content and passion for people, customers will leap at the chance to share your posts. Optimise your content to reach tangible targets such as increased brand awareness and higher engagement, and explode your sales and conversions.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

While we can pull off an incredible social media campaign, our specialty lies in SEO. Combine the two and you create an unstoppable force for Growth and Conversion! At Xugar, we can help you take things to the highest level. Combine blog content with expertly targeted advertising to increase engagement and website traffic. Or go the full mile with a ‘complete’ online experience, starting with social media engagement and ending with conversions on your website. The possibilities are endless.

Maintain Efficiency

These days, social media marketing is a maze of complex decision making, analytics and attention-grabbing visual clutter. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Let the experts at Xugar help you breakthrough and take control of your social media. We can help you design and manage a campaign that not only looks great but translates into real sales and conversions for your business.

Market Leadership

When it comes to social media, content is king. Open the door to thought leadership and connect your website, blog and marketing with a custom content marketing strategy. Whether it’s an eye-grabbing copy for your social media channels, engaging blog posts or brilliant images for Instagram, we can make content the driving force for your social media.

Connect With Influencers

Social Marketing isn’t just about the right content anymore. It’s also about who sees it. With channels to the biggest social media influencers, we engage in outreach to put your content on the frontlines, right in front of the people who want to see it most. Generate positive PR and Brand Awareness using strategies that get the biggest names in the business to spread the word for you.

The Perfect Social Media Strategy

Promotion on social media is more than just simply advertising, and getting good results requires technical know-how and a wealth of experience. We’ve done the testing, we know the game. Get hyper-targeted advertising through one channel to build your brand image, or choose a cross-platform strategy and take the social media world by storm, increasing reach and brand awareness.

Facebook Advertising

Run a worldwide Facebook campaign without lifting a finger. We can help you reach the customers who want your product, and build a presence online. With expert knowledge of Facebook Pixel, niche targeting and eye-catching ad creation, we can build your brand image and reach the people that need to see what you’re selling. Focus your campaign on several goals, including brand recognition, conversion, lead generation and more.

Instagram Advertising

Beautify your Instagram profile and reach the best and most relevant influencers. We’ll help you boost brand awareness, build a brand image and turn your Instagram into a visual marketing machine. Take advantage of the latest social marketing strategies and grab the attention of anyone you want. Get a targeted Instagram advertising campaign that focuses on conversions and sales, not likes and follows.

LinkedIn Advertising

B2B got you busy? Get professional with LinkedIn and reach businesses and industry leaders looking to buy in your field. Using targeted advertising and networking we can build and nurture leads, improve your conversions and connect with people in your field. LinkedIn is so much more than simple advertising as it’s an entirely different user base than typical social. Get started now and begin securing connections, relationships and sales in your industry.

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These days, customers engage with businesses on a personal level through social media. It’s not just advertising anymore, it’s building an online relationship with your customers.
Turn words into leads and reach your market with a targeted content campaign or viral, image-driven endeavor. We can create, customise and control your media channels and turn them into vehicles guaranteed to draw attention. Grow Big and Convert More with Xugar.