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We create high converting email marketing strategies to generate leads, sales and engagement for your business. Dont sit on your customer data, use it to cale your business.

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We’re A Bespoke Email Marketing Agency

Have you used an Email marketing agency before? Ever wanted to reach out to your customers directly, and get your carefully crafted into the hands of people who will actually read it? Launch an email marketing campaign and connect with your customers directly. Develop brand loyalty and turn connections into conversions with engaging email marketing.
Every campaign starts with a purpose. Promote, sell, convert or connect with a hyper-targeted email marketing campaign. We’ll optimise for whatever goal you’re trying to reach, and provide you with real, tangible results. Start with Xugar today and get a complete email systems setup with custom emails to match.

From Design to Delivery

From the start of your campaign to the end we work with you to best reach your vision and fulfil your goals. If you’ve got existing emails or content, our email marketing experts can turn them into a campaign that’s guaranteed to bring the big fish. Alternatively, hand over the reins and we’ll manage your campaign from start to finish, complete with content creation, outreach and follow-up.

Targeted Email Strategies

With our experience creating emails, our experts can create laser targeted campaign strategies that net you the best results. We use the latest in email segmentation and automation software to divide your email database by demographic, location and more. If you want to send different emails to men and women, or target only users that have clicked links in your previous emails, you can do it.

Automation Projects

If you’ve got a website and you haven’t set up automated email responses, you’re missing out on something huge. Get ready to blow some minds, with automated emails for abandoned carts, links clicked in emails, lead confirmations and more. These are all chances to connect with an already engaged audience, and with the right knowledge, turn those opportunities into sales. All you have to do is get started!

Comprehensive Reports

We work with you every step of the way, and that means letting you know what we’re doing, as we do it. We keep you up to date with how your campaigns are performing, including leads converted, which emails are performing best, click through rates and more. If you’re working towards a specific goal, you’ll know exactly how close you are and where to go from here. No more messing around with settings and statistics. You choose the goals and we’ll get you there!

A/B Testing

Sometimes you’ve gotta experiment a little to get to the good stuff. Using A/B testing we can two or more versions of the same email and see which one performs the best. We can find out what language resonates with your customer base, which customers read what emails, and what each customer is interested in, and send them more of the same content. Not only does this skyrocket your conversions and leads, it also gives your customers a user experience second to none.

Subscription Growth

We treat your database as a business asset and can increase conversions build relationships for your business by consistently growing it. Take control of your email list, and grow the number of subscriptions through data-driven testing, carefully designed templates and conversion-focused landing pages. With so many opportunities for conversions and sales through email, maintaining and growing your subscription list should be high priority.

Talk to us!

We can integrate email marketing with your existing SEO, Social Media or Web Design package, and optimise all three for maximum conversions. Standardise and promote your content across all channels, or reach potential customers with lead driving advertising that converts into emails for your lists. The possibilities are endless! Talk to the team at Xugar today for more information.