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Our process enables us to work closely with you and create a strategy that fits your business needs. We believe in ROI based engagement and specialise in lead generation using advanced strategies and Google rankings. We’re people focused, data-driven growth specialists with a passion for creating success stories. If you’re ready to invest in a sustainable flow of leads and inquiries and to take your business to the next level, make the jump with Xugar.

Channel 9 Xugar

Channel 9

The National Retail Association (NRA) & Digital Marketing Agency Xugar are calling for a $6,000 e-commerce assistance package for every small business affected financially as a result of COVID-19 to help them sell goods and services online. Buoyed by Australia Post statistics…


SBS Digital Agency


KUMUD MERANI of SBS interviewed our Digital Growth Specialist & MD, Sagar Sethi. His message to other entrepreneurs, businesses and international students during tough times is to stay strong…


xugar digital agency media smart company

Smart Company

“It’s lawless, it’s unfair”: Governments and tech giants must protect small business from fake online reviews. The digital age presents enormous opportunities for businesses. Businesses have become increasingly reliant on large platforms to engage customers from distant suburbs and even distant countries, depending on the kind of services they offer….


xugar digital agency media forbes


Five Ways To Reset Your Multitasking Brain – Most people multitask because they want to get more done in the time they have. It feels like it’s more efficient, and there’s no question that efficiency is important for improving productivity….


xugar digital agency media the bulletin

The Bulletin

Slavery might have officially ended in the west in the 19th century, but the products so much of the western world consumes today are rooted in modern-day slavery….


xugar digital agency media ia acs


With years of punishing fiscal conditions awaiting Australia, austere federal Budgets are unlikely to be kind to innovation – but that, observers believe, shouldn’t diminish the opportunity to reshape our workforce…


xugar digital agency media busy continent

Busy Continent

Global instability has given Australia an opportunity, and plenty of reason to emerge from recession as a leader in digital….


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