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5 Best Practices for SEO and UX Design – Design Tips Guide

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Sagar Sethi

Hi there, you are about to taste the best Xugar Xweet!

UX Design is already a common term among digital marketers for the last decade. Why? For the website marketing industry, SEO is not only about rankings anymore and optimization practices are not purely squeezing keywords in the pages.

We have gone a long way and finally go back to where it begins. It’s all about the end users! Customers centric! It does not take Google a long time to realize the importance of user experience (UX) during their time interacting with the websites. At the end of the day, quality beats quantity! Our big brother decided if you companies want to rank higher, be nice to my users.


Let’s imagine, we, the marketers in a digital era, are middlemen between search engines and human being. Our mission is helping these two worlds live in harmony and grow the interest in each other.

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Put Yourself In Visitors’ Shoes

  • User’s language: Marketers far too often use language within their industry which is, at the same time, alienate their searchers. As a consequence, there will be a higher chance for a mismatch of the keywords. Therefore, it’s a good idea to show your messages to people outside of your industry.
  • Visiting purpose: Make sure to present your page with a very clear idea of what’s going on. Basically, there are 2 types of content: informational and commercial. Informational content will attract your industry fellows which, in the end, will help you to increase the website’s credibility. On the other hand, commercial content will appeal to your potential customers. By giving a clear idea of your content, you will significantly reduce the bounce rate for your page.
  • Navigation: It seems silly to mention this idea but a lot of people are still making this simple mistake. When visitors come to your site, the first thing they do is scan the navigation to see if they are in the right place. This will give the chance to showcase your full value of products/services to your visitors. So display them and group them together in relevant categories. Guess what, this is a great opportunity to use keywords!
  • Responsiveness: I have been saying too much of this lately but your website needs to be adaptable for all types of devices (Mobiles, laptops, tablets). Your customers are not always with their laptops or tablets.

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Technical And Functional At The Same Time

  • Headings: Headings are not only important for search engines to crawl to your website but also critical for visitors to quickly grab the idea of your content. They should clearly show the logical hierarchy to help readers stay on track of the reading in case they get lost on the page.
  • Meta description: Google has played around with the limit word count you can write for meta description. For now, a maximum of 160 words will hold a power to decide whether searchers will click on your page or not. This comes after the SEO Title and gives a bit more room for you to reinforce the introduction of the page content. Be concise and remember to use your customers’ language.
  • Friendly URL: You may think who cares about URL? Unfortunately, they do care, indeed a lot. When touch time comes to decide which site to click in, searchers will peep in your URL. How much care do you have for your communicating channels? How professional are you?

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Sometimes Less Is More

  • Simple Structure: It’s always nice to showcase your skills but again, it’s all about your users. Many of your visitors do not enter your site through your home page. It should not a place for annoying constant popups or a long list of options. A simple and consistent structure will make it easier for them to navigate. No matter which pages a searcher (or search engine crawler) lands on, they should get what they want.
  • Site Speed: Trust me, your visitors will close your page tab and turn to your competitors if your page load too slow. Regardless of what platform (desktop, tablet, phone), an acceptable amount of time for a page to load is around 4 seconds. Moreover, search engines will also limit your exposure to searchers if your page loading speed is too slow. These are some areas you can consider to speed up your page: Image compression, streamlined code, fast servers.


  • Logo: No one wants their visitors to pay a visit and never comes back. So make it easier for them to remember your website’s presence for the next search. One of the first things visitors see when they land on your page is your logo. Hence, it should be clear, stand firmly by itself.
  • Color and Style: We all function with both left and right brain so there is no reason to neglect your website color. Make it consistent with your logo and remember to have the whole page presence is integrated.


Website visitors love you, they want to stay longer at your website and eventually become your customers. At the same time, Search Engines think that you are helping their users and so you become their favourite in the ranking.

As a result, your website appears on the search results and has more chances expose to your potential customers. So why not combine SEO and UX Design to get the best out of your work?

Believe me, you want that Xugar Xweet!


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