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5 Tips to Check that Your eCommerce Store Will Convert Customers!

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Sagar Sethi Entrepreneur
Sagar Sethi

eCommerce websites are a fundamental asset for many businesses! They provide a 24/7 platform for you customers to purchase your products and services. With so many factors determining the how your users will interact with your site, here are a few ways that you can ensure that your eCommerce store will convert more quality leads, and your business will sustainably grow!

By adding the right words and images to your CTA, you can command attention and put yourself a cut above the rest. If you’ve never thought about optimising the CTAs on your ads and website, right now is the time to start! Check out our five killer tips for CTA mastery.

1. Define, Define, Define!

This may seem simple, but Define is the most important step to success. You need to Define not just your business, but your audience; only then can you tailor a user experience to convert them into valuable customers.

This is what affects all the foundational elements of your design; Not just your colours and fonts, but the emotions they carry to best connect with your users! For example, if you were creating a sustainable clothing brand, you would choose green, the colour of nature. If you were creating a toy company aimed at young children, you would choose saturated reds and yellows which spark energy.

Knowing your audience is fundamental. Look through your site and simply ask ‘Does this relate to my customers and business?

If you want to learn more about Define, Click here to watch our video!

2. CTAs or Call To Action Buttons

Having a Call To Action is paramount in conversion rate optimisation. They’re one of your key tools for turning window shoppers into paying customers. For a basic call to action, you want to be grabbing your customer’s attention and providing them with a way they can interact with and purchase your products and services.

When it comes to actually doing that, each type of CTA is different. Call now and add to cart buttons are simple, and often don’t extend beyond having a button with visuals that align with your brand, but things like banners or a paid ads can get really interesting. When you’re writing a sentence or a paragraph, make sure to consider these things:

  • Start with an action word like “get”, “buy”, or , “transform”
  • Tell the customer what they’re getting, and the value they get from it
  • Use words that provoke enthusiasm. Exclamation points can really help!

Above all, you need to know your enemy, and the battlefield. Whenever you write a CTA, get a good understanding of your customers and the type and placement of your CTA. Knowing these things go a long way to getting awesome results.

3. Responsiveness

There is about $2.5 Billion worth of purchases made online and a quarter of those are made through mobile devices. This is why it is fundamental for your eCommerce platform to work on all devices. Load up your site on anything you can find; iPhone, Samsung, iPad, Macbook, laptops, Desktops, anything and everything!

And remember to ask yourself:

  • “How easy is it to navigate from one page to another?”
  • “Can I read all the information on any given page?”
  • And most importantly, “How easily can I read all the images and headings?”

In this day and age, people have short attention spans and simply skim through any website! If your images don’t appear as they should, and your headings aren’t concise, chances are that no one is going to click ‘Add to Cart’.

4. Search, Sort and Filter

When it comes to good web design, you need to make sure that your site is properly organised. Ask yourself:

  • Are my products logically categorised?
  • Do they have tags?
  • Are the images and descriptions relevant to the product displayed?

Having these features will help your users find exactly what they’re looking for.

If your site is organised already, you can make your site easy to use by having an easy to find search function, and making sure you’re displaying popular and recommended items at the top of your page. Optimising for usability is the first step to fantastic conversion rates, and super important.

5. Form Optimisation

How many clicks does it take from landing on your website to successfully buying an item? The biggest goal of any eCommerce website is to make it as easy as possible to get the user from Product to Purchase.

This is where form optimisation comes into play. It may seem hard to get a form wrong, but it’s all about getting it absolutely right. Reduce the number of fields the user has to enter with these simple tips:

  • Use ‘Full Name’ instead of First and Last
  • Use dropdowns for limited choices like ‘State’ or ‘Categories’ and filters in your search
  • Use checkboxes for using the same shipping address for billing
  • And the most important, include a Guest Checkout. 35% of users will abandon their cart if there is no guest checkout.

To read more tips on form and text fields, Click here to read about Google Material Design’s Text Fields!

BONUS: Abandoned Carts and Email Marketing

Abandoned Carts optimisation is one of the biggest missed opportunities that most eCommerce website owners overlook; These are users who start a purchase by adding items to their shopping cart and never end up finishing the transaction. Thats 35% of $2.5Billion every year. With such a high amount of users abandoning their carts right before they purchase your products or services, it is mandatory to re-target them with an email marketing campaign and entice them to finish what they started. By automating this process through platforms like MailChimp, you can remind them of the products sitting idle in their shopping cart, and additionally offer them a small discount on their purchases to speed up conversions! This way, you automatically optimise your eCommerce platform to convert more potential customers without chasing after them with manual emails or an expensive remarketing campaign.

If you are interested in more about eCommerce, Click here to view our eCommerce 101 playlist!


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