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AMP - Holy Grail of On-Page SEO

Sagar Sethi

A lot of things have changed in 2023. As a digital marketer, you need to be up to date with more changes than ever before. So, here is a quick update on AMP. Accelerated Mobile Pages are still relevant, impactful and necessary for both the Google bots and your website visitors.

Let's cut out the fluff and get straight to it.


  1. Faster load speed.
  2. Better user experience on mobiles (if you're not mobile-first yet, check what year we're in. You probably have that wrong as well).
  3. Mobile first indexing.
  4. Potential Featured Snippets.
  5. Reduced Bounce rates.
  6. Higher Click-Through rates.

Too precise? Okay, let me elaborate. Let's start with page speed. Ever been on a website that takes ages to load? You obviously don't like waiting like EVERYONE else. Including the bots. Google's crawlers would prefer a faster website over a code-heavy Frankenstein I still see floating around now and then. So first thing first get the site loading fast.

This brings to the second point. User experience. People like to explore, fact find, learn new things and make informed decisions. What they dont want is to stare at the screen waiting for your website to load. So if you want to deliver a pleasant user experience, make sure your website is more value than fluff. Focus on what matters rather than making it LOOK good. Deliver value and people will give you their time.

Now as an SEO you MUST know this already that Google has transitioned to mobile-first indexing. Mobile version of your website is given indexing priority. Websites that have optimised AMP versions will perform better.

Moving to featured snippets. Google often uses AMP for displaying featured snippets. If you're mentioned as snippets you're ahead of the curve with a better potential to leverage zero click searches and voice search etc. Super important for 2024 as we transition to better tech and search behaviours.

Your website or landing page will get better CTR if you have a well optimised AMP. Goes without saying that this will also improve your bounce rates. Here is a helpful resource if you're looking to know more about AMP.


Accelerated Mobile Pages are important for your SEO strategy. Like everything in SEO, I rather have as many things right on my website than not. The impact of AMP is much higher than some other things a lot of SEOs focus on such as alt texts on images or spraying the page with your target keywords. A lot of times that existing content on the website is enough. It's how people consume it is what matters more.


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Sagar Sethi

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