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How to Set Up Emails on iPhone

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Sagar Sethi Entrepreneur
Sagar Sethi

If you’re trying to set up an email account on your iphone, you’ll find just about everything you need to do that by tapping on ‘Passwords and Accounts’ in your iPhone’s settings. However, if you’re setting up webmail and looking to connect your website domain name email account, things get a little more complicated.

Setting up an iPhone to work with a webmail server is fairly straightforward when you know how, and is a fantastic way to keep all your business emails in one place, as you can link multiple email addresses. This article will show you how to connect your personal or business website email to your iPhone.

Things You’ll Need

  • Your email address set up on your webmail server: user@website.com
  • Your email account’s password
  • The POP3/IMAP connection settings from your webmail server. You can get this from the website hosting provider, or from your website’s cPanel if you want to DIY. It should look like this:


How to set up webmail on an iPhone

Step 1: Open up iPhone settings

Step 2: Go to ‘Passwords and Accounts’

Step 3: Tap ‘Add Account’

Step 4: Tap ‘Other’

Step 5
: Tap ‘Add Mail Account’

Step 6: Enter your email account details and click next (Not pictured)


Step 7: Choose IMAP or POP. These decide how your phone will handle the emails. We recommend IMAP, as it is more versatile and there’s no risk of losing emails.

  • IMAP: Emails will be stored on the server and only viewable on your phone. This will allow you to view your emails on multiple devices.
  • POP: Emails will be downloaded locally to your phone, removing them from the server, and will only be viewable on that device.

Step 8: Enter your server specific account details, or enter the same details if both servers are the same. (refer to Things You’ll Need to find your account details)

Step 9: Done! Click next and your iPhone will verify your settings and sync your emails. You’ll find your new account in the mail app, and will be able to change more settings in the mail section of your iPhone’s settings app.

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