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How People Consume Content What It Means For Your Business | Xugar

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Sagar Sethi

Let’s start with the straight answer and then we will delve into details. You need a digital marketing funnel because it’s the very basic requirement if your audience is on the web.

Consumption Today

Adaptation of smartphones across the globe and unconditional devotion to platforms like, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google have collectively created a whole new arena for businesses to publish their content.

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Almost every human being on this green and the blue planet is walking around carrying a smartphone, an opportunity for businesses to advertise. Content is available to anyone, anytime. This access to the social platforms has also made everyone scroll almost indefinitely.

Because of that, the people are consuming content with shorter attention spans and moving to the next, better more exciting ‘news’.


Serving mains for entrée will definitely ruin the deserts. Likewise, serving content in bite size is a logical way to ensure your content will be consumed well. Serving long pages of text will definitely end up in the TL; DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) zone. It’s the ‘friend zone’ of your and your client’s relationship. No one wants to be friend zoned, especially when you are spending a lot of money to advertise.


Social media works because of this. FOMO (Fear of missing out) drives people to try and consume as much as they can and not spend too much time in something they ‘sort of already get’. Again, millennials consume content with shorter attention spans. Hence, photos, videos and graphical messaging are more widely accepted than long pages of content.


Almost every business today will either market to baby-boomers (people born between 1945 – 1965), Gen X (people born between 1965 – 1980), millennials (people born between 1981 – 1996) and/or Gen Y and Z or also known as post-millennials (people born after 2000). The challenge is that all the users will behave differently while consuming content.

You have to ensure your marketing team knows the difference and publish content accordingly. A very good example is, both Gen millennials and post-millennials will ‘act’ on content delivered by influencers rather than brand produced content. Which is very different from how earlier generations consumed content.

how people consume content

What’s Next

Advertising channels are changing. User behaviours are changing. However, the fundamentals of advertising remain the same. No matter what channels, people will keep consuming content. ROI models drive the advertising campaigns. Businesses need to change the way they approach marketing and drive the campaigns based on users and their adopted behaviours.

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