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10 Best Practices For Creating a Great Facebook Chatbot

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Sagar Sethi Entrepreneur
Sagar Sethi

If you are landing on this page, you must have known some benefits of having a chatbot. If not, you can get a full picture of the chatbot’s benefits for your business.

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Now, let’s just dive into these 10 best practices you can implement in creating a great Facebook Chatbot!

1. Define Goals & Expectations

If it’s your first Facebook chatbot, it’s very important to carefully choose objectives and set expectations for your bot to handle. Common goals for chatbots are:

  • Customer care
  • Lead identification
  • Product or service promotion
  • Or just simply a discovery

2. Be unique

Even though chatbot is artificial intelligence, its ultimate goal is to enrich customer experience that is so human-like that they don’t know they’re speaking to a machine. Hence, it’s important to create a personality for your bot that represents your brand personality, which is one of the most important factors in brand strategy. For example, should it says hello or hey? Should it talk in a casual way or formal tone? Should it include photos, emojis or just text?

Then, it may seem irrelevant but choosing a name for your bot will help your marketing effort in long run. More and more companies are implementing chatbots, if your chatbot’s name does not make sense or is too common, it won’t be recalled and found online.

3. Make It Personalized

Know your audience! Are they new or existing customers? Once you know who your bot will be talking to, you will be able to create content that makes the audience genuinely wants to engage. And yes, bots that can identify a person’s preferences and narrow down options produce much higher CTR.

4. Be Straightforward & transparent

Ultimately, bots mean to save users time. A research from Jonathan Schriftman of Snaps, if a bot takes more than five clicks to get to point-of-sale, there’s a significant drop in users.

Another important point is revealing how your users can control over their private information. Your audience know that their data is stored and they want to know how it will be used and how they can opt out!

5. Always have a human on-hand

Even though you can rely on a bot for responding instantly to your customers, not all problems can be easily solved. Thus, you should always give them an option to connect with a person.


6. Integrate your bot

Once you’ve built a chatbot on Facebook, it is a waste for not integrating it into your marketing calendar. This will definitely boost your overall Facebook marketing effort. Optimize your bot for a specific funnel. In other words, if you are looking to collect data, your bot structure and messages should be completely different from driving purchase or just entertain and engage.

7. Figure out which data you want to gather

Because chatbots are a valuable data gathering tool, you should always tailor its conversation flow to ask the right questions. For example, if you want to know your audience’s location, ask for their ZIP code; if you want to know their shopping preferences, ask for their habits. These activities will help you to push the right offers and relevant information into your next interaction with your customers.

8. Create a natural conversation flow

The whole point of a chatbot is answering user’s questions while making them believe they are served by professional service. Therefore, building a conversational chatbot will help you make the interaction between you and your customers more open. As a result, you will be able to gather more valuable data for future marketing.

9. Start small and simple.

If you are building your first chatbot, do not overdo and force it to become something it’s not. Being functional, concise and understandable is the most important fundamental. Then, you can unveil feature one after another. However, remember to unveil only one feature at a time. Otherwise, it will be overwhelming for your audience that they don’t feel like catching up. So by starting small and simple, you can develop your chatbot overtime without making too many mistakes and do not know where to fix.

10. Evaluate and optimize your bot regularly.

Believe it or not, the best way to learn is monitoring your competitors’ progress. For example, what they are doing well, badly or there are new features that you can add in or avoid from implementing into your own chatbot. Subscribe to some chatbot platforms will also help you to keep updated.

The whole process of strategizing, building, implementing, monitoring and improving can be daunting. However, when there are more and more brands follow the trends and customer expectation is raising, it is critical that your brand does not fall behind.

If you are looking for support to build chatbots for your business, contact Xugar – a leading web design & digital agency in generating leads for business!


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