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Beyond SEO: How Reddit and Google are Changing the Marketing Game for SMEs

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On 22 Feb, Google and Reddit have announced a deeper partnership which will revolutionise the way people use Google to find information on Reddit. On side of deal, Reddit will get access to Google’s cutting-edge AI technologies through Vertex AI which will enable Reddit to improve its internal search on its website or app.

While Google will access to Reddit’s Data API delivering real-time, structured, unique content from their large and dynamic platform. With this almost real time access to Reddit’s data, Google will be able to display Reddit’s content in unique ways on surfaces of its products and also use this data for training of its AI models.

But how does this deal matter for SMEs looking to rank on Google and get free organic traffic its because for queries which SMEs want to rank and Reddit can rank as well? I’ve been tracking search visibility of Reddit for almost last 4 years and with each ranking update, Google have given boost to ranking of Reddit. Even a recent study suggests that for almost 97.5% of product reviews queries Reddit shows up on Google’s search result page.

SemRush screenshot showing massive increase in ranking of reddit .com over time

Even overall search visibility of specific subreddits Melbourne and Sydney have gone up after the updates.

SemRush screenshot showing massive increase in ranking of Melbourne Subreddit over time
SemRush screenshot showing massive increase in ranking of Sydney Subreddit over time

Its clear that larger sites have gained lot of visibility in Search Results and I think that over time large sites like Reddit will keep on getting more & more ranking boost. That’s why small to medium size enterprises have to look towards full service marketing strategy involving SEO for sure but also exploring & potentially allocating marketing budget on those strategies as well.

My personal recommendation for any SME looking for services to help grow their business is following:

  • SEO Remains Crucial: Don’t discount its value, but it’s now one piece of the puzzle.
  • Diverse Channels: Social media presence, content marketing, paid advertising necessary for reach and engagement.
  • Agility and Expertise: Look for full-service agencies which provide the skills and ability to adapt to changing digital landscapes (like Reddit’s growth). I work for one of full service agency based in Melbourne, Xugar and I can say for sure that our team keeps an eye on changing digital landscape and can preempt & potentially help your business navigate changes like Reddit starting to out rank your website. Even in past we have helped numerous businesses grow either it be strategically growing their only presence using SEO or re designing the whole website to improve look & feel of pages and increasing conversion rate.

Some FAQs

What specific changes can I expect in Google search results because of this partnership?

You might see more Reddit threads and discussion boards surfaced directly in Google’s results. Google might also create richer snippets from Reddit content, showcasing multiple viewpoints or answers within one search result.

How does increased visibility of Reddit affect how I should optimize my website for search engines?

While SEO remains fundamental, focus on providing high-quality, in-depth content on your website that goes beyond what a brief Reddit discussion might offer. Aim to be the authoritative source on a topic and provide unique content which already is not present on Interent. SMEs either should look to hire content writers who can sit with internal teams on regular basis and over time start to understand ins and outs of your industry and with that understanding they can start to write unique content which otherwise is not available on Internet.

Or alternative for this can be to work with external full service providers who understand the business & overall marketing scene and can help with crafting unique content and if some specific input is needed they can get on a quick zoom interview with employees from SME, that way content would have expert input and will be structured in a unique way that will eventually rank on Google brining in organic traffic.

This is what I personally recommends to any business owner, SEO expert crafting a brief outline of content then getting on a zoom interview with an employee or relevant person from SME – discussing the brief, taking the notes. Then passing brief, notes and in some cases recording of that discussion to an expert content writer who can go ahead and write amazing article.

You mentioned exploring other marketing strategies. Where should I start if I’m new to this?

Start by understanding your target audience thoroughly. Where do they spend time online? Social media platforms? Specific forums? Once you know this, you can tailor your content and marketing efforts to those specific channels.

How much of my marketing budget should I allocate to non-SEO strategies?

This depends heavily on your industry, niche, and business goals. However, it’s wise to invest a portion of your budget in diversifying your reach. This could involve social media advertising, content marketing or even targeted collaborations with influencers relevant to your field.

I’m an SME with limited resources. Does partnering with a full-service agency make sense for me?

A full-service agency could save you time, money, and frustration in the long run. They have expertise across various marketing areas and can ensure your SEO efforts are aligned with your social media, content, and paid advertising strategies. This creates a consistent brand message and maximises ROI of your total marketing spend.


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