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3 Digital Marketing Trends In 2022 That You Can’t Ignore | Xugar

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Sagar Sethi Entrepreneur
Sagar Sethi

According to Time Magazine, humans now have a shorter attention span than goldfish.

8 seconds to be exact.

The marketing community has had to adapt. But optimizing page speed and even the most of intriguing of content can only go so far.

In the background, digital disruption is making its mark. Real estate agencies, for example, are looking to utilize VR (Virtual Reality) by doing virtual house tours.

Similarly, as we’ll see, opportunities have opened up in the digital marketing space.

In an era where attention is a commodity, we’ll take a look at three digital marketing trends that we can all prepare for in 2019.

#1 Voice Search

Imagine you’re driving home from a long day at work. Your stomach is growling, but you know you can do better than last nite’s leftovers. You ask ‘Siri’ where your closest Thai takeaway is and your soon on your way.

All in a matter of seconds, completely hands-free.

A study by Gartner predicts that by 2020, 30% of web searches will be done without the need of a screen. And with the rise of other voice platforms such as Alexa and Cortana, 30% begins to seem a tad modest. Even just last year, studies had shown voice devices were used by 35.6 million Americans at least once a month.

With time scarcity ever increasing, marketing methods have had to adapt. Content creators, for example, have been able to utilise podcasts. Allowing users to listen to what would have been a twenty-minute read.

But as an important part in digital marketing trends, how can we adapt for voice?

One way is by focusing on optimising keywords we have on our website. The use of voice search will mean choosing broad match keywords and those that are complete questions.

Simply put, optimizing for more conversational phrases will work to increase exposure for your business within voice search.

#2 Chatbots

Artificial intelligence has been shown to facilitate productivity and ROI.

Look at call centres for example. Website chatbots have been programmed to answer common questions. This means less reliance on staff and 24/7 availability for customers. You can also visit this article to learn more about chatbots’ benefits.

benefits of chatbots

To put it in perspective, it is predicted that by 2020, 85% of customer service interactions won’t require human interaction.

But what about as part of digital marketing trends? Chatbots have shown to increase both customer engagement and brand sentiment.

Take Dominos for example…

Customers ‘talking’ to a bot can quickly order their pizza in addition to getting status updates. And it’s all done in Facebook messenger. Therefore bypassing call queues and need of an app.

2019 could also see an increasing prevalence of chatbots in other messaging platforms. Instagram, Whatsapp, and WeChat to name a few. Bots can also help with product selection. Let’s say you need a new keyboard. A chatbot will not only be able to provide recommendations but also fill out any shipping and payment information.

As we can see, chatbots aren’t just limited to freeing up a business’ time and money. Used effectively in 2019 they can also increase your customer experience.

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#3 Influencer Marketing

Statista predicts that approximately 30% of internet users are using ad blockers. Highlighting the importance of diversifying your marketing strategies.

So where does influencer marketing fit within digital marketing trends?

For one, influencers have the power to tear a business down.

Case in point…

Kylie Jenner.

Read below and I’ll explain.

“sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me…”

influencer marketing

That tweet caused Snap Inc’s shares (Snapchat’s parent company) to lose more than 1 billion dollars in market value.

It wasn’t ineffective paid advertising. It wasn’t bad SEO strategies. It was one tweet.

However, the converse is true as well. Businesses can reach a wider audience and positively increase their visibility if used correctly.

The trick is to see if your influencer’s followers fall within your target demographic. This could include country, age, gender, interests and even purchasing behaviour. Be it Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, this is a quick way of increasing your ROI.

Instagram has an expected 32.3 million sponsored posts to come 2019. It goes without saying, there are no signs of slowing down.

If you are looking for support in leveraging digital marketing to grow your business, contact Xugar today! We are a leading e-commerce web design & digital marketing agency in generating leads for business!


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