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SEO \ Developer Relation - How to get things implemented

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Its been years since I've been doing SEO, I have worked with well 500 different businesses since starting in SEO back in 2019.

For some of these businesses I have worked as consultant - providing advice to internal SEO team on certain complex and large projects while in some cases I was solely responsible for whole SEO project.

Of course SEO is a complex analysis based process and all the findings which comes out of this process need multiple teams to actually get implemented.

For me the process of coming to a list of suggestions or findings start from SEO Audit and Competitor Analysis Audit - usually through both of these audits I end up building a list of specific things which can be improved to rank better in Search Results.

But challenge is that I as SEO expert can't go ahead and just implement all those things by myself because from my audit I may end up finding that javaScript which is used for rendering the pages is not what it should be - as its loading different components at different speeds which is leading to partial rendering of pages for Googlebot when its crawling.

That's why Google is not able to crawl the page properly and see what's there on it - if Google can't even read the content of page - how come it will rank that page in its Search Results.

So that javaScript need to be fixed, but I'm an SEO specialist and don't know intricacies of javaScript that's why an expert Web Developer is required to fix the issue and make pages crawable.

But the challenge to actually getting things implemented by developers is HUGE reason being their limited or in some cases no understanding of SEO.

That's why whenever communicating with them in a really structured and concise way is important. My recommendation is that in communication with developers.

You should write a through description of
- What the issue is
- What impact it's having on ranking
- How it is implemented
- What it should be
- Steps to fix it

Following these steps will definitely be helpful for you to get things implemented and move the needle forward to rank better in Google's Search Results.

Below is a recent simple example of how I got Developer to fix one of important Technical SEO issue.

What the issue isTwo versions of same URLs are crawable
example.com/ (URL format this is used throughout site - internal links)

Both these URLs are crawable and can be used for accessing the same page.
What impact it's having on rankingIts leading to indexing of two versions of URLs for the same page, therefore leading to Keyword Cannibalization which means for same query on Google two URLs are candidates for ranking - this can confuse Google, therefore none of two URL ranking.
How it is implmentedSomething is wrong with htaccess file (as it's a WordPress site)
What it should behtaccess need to be changes such that
Steps to fix itUpdating the htaccess file such that example.com redirects to example.com/
Describing an SEO issue to a Developer and getting it fixed

If you as an SEO expert don't know about steps - How it is implemented, steps to fix it then I would recommend to use ChatGPT or similar AI chatbots.

Simple prompts can give clear answers and you can pass those on to developer, also of course you should be able to handle what the issues is, what impact it's having on ranking, what is should be these by yourself as an SEO expert or if you need any assistance for these then I would recommend you to use Google.

The example which I gave above is fixing of a simple SEO issue, but usually I follow same steps to communicate about other complex technical issues to developers and getting those fixed. I would say that this framework works really well for communicating with developers - I have tested and used this for last 4 years myself 😀 and can say for sure that it always works.

Also after each technical change is implemented by developer - I would recommend to do a Technical SEO Audit so as to ensure that a fix is not breaking something else. Frankly to fix something developers may be end up changing global code files therefore breaking something else on other pages.

A quick side note - I've advocating for SEO education of developers at universities for years, even while studying at Swinburne University of Technology I convinced my Web Developer professor to include an assessment related to Search Engine Optimisation so that students doing that developer course can also learn SEO.

Later on when those students work as developer in the industry they will be able to better communicate with SEOs and solve the technical SEO issues rather than taking too much time of SEOs and asking lot of questions because of their lack of or in some cases no understanding of SEO.

Also my personal recommendation for businesses is that if you need SEO services then go for an agency which has both development and SEO services under the same roof like Xugar which is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Melbourne, Australia.

I wanted to work for an SEO agency in Melbourne so that I can get things done quickly for clients because earlier I had experiences where things got delayed just because of multiple organisations involved to do development work.

It was like me communicating something to the client then they taking that to their development agency - a dev from that agency emailing me asking for some explanation - me giving that explanation then they going back to client and mentioning that its outscope for their contract and so on.

This is just one example of a continuous communication loop, there are many others as well leading to delays of months therefore delaying ranking improvements by quarters while it can be achieved in short period of time by having web development and SEO under one full service digital marketing agency.

Web Development and SEO under roof the same roof is the best solution for businesses to get things implemented quickly and rank at the top of Google's search results.

In case you need web development and SEO - I would recommend that you reach out to us and book a free discovery session because we can get things implemented quickly and help you stand out amongst competitors - Yes we have done for 100s of clients already! you can read about it here - Xugar's Clients Success Stories.


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